Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UMvC3 - I Have Nothing To Say I Just Suck And I Accept It

I think I pretty much reached my limit.  I can't push it any further it seems.  To be honest when I look at my own play I think I messed up when I started listening to other people's advice instead of coming up with my own stuff.  While there advice was didn't exactly help.  At least that's how I felt this session.  Regardless of the hours I spent in training and experimentation it just turned me into a worse player than from the start.  To be honest I should stop watching videos of this game and any other fighter I intend to play.  I feel I do better that way.  Especially since for one...watching others play makes you feel you gotta copy them.   Not to mention discouraging cause in a lot of cases you come to realize you won't be as good as they are. That's how I feel anyway.  I wish I could go back to Day 1 to where I felt I was decent.

I turned off the mic volume cause lately players like to talk crap during ranked matches.  Very distracting not to mention insulting.  My mic doesn't work any longer either not that I ever really use it.  Besides I don't really talk during matches to begin with unless its with friends.  I'll PM you if you rage quit but that's about it.  I don't like lobbies either since cause of my skill even marked with beginners only I suck and get kicked.  So....whatever.....I'm just gonna keep playing.

Player Match

Finnally a player match I can actually play with no complaints.  But I can't seem to get anything done at all...Like all my info I picked up just sucks now. Muscle memory my foot.