Saturday, February 18, 2012

UMvC3 - You Never Read "The Tortoise and The Hare?"

Its funny how 10+ years makes a big change on everything.  Years ago you didn't have the luxury to complain about a fighting game. Today that's completely different.  Now its guaranteed that if you raise a big enough fuss about a game, most likely something will be changed.  The time where I come from that wasn’t an option as fighters were few and far in-between. I actually liked that time.  Instead of a new fighter every 6 months to a year. We had time to explore the game and no luxury to complain.  This is cause we learned that its 1 of 2 things to do.  Either move on or deal with it. 

The reason I bring this up is coming across quite a few conversations and various message board post of players complaining about the smallest little things. Most of them mad they bought the game and now feel they should complain about small little gimmicks like bursting, X-factor, or even a character being apparently “too good”.  The problem is if your too busy complaining about it that’s time you could spend learning to deal with it.  Back during Marvel 2, instead of complaining about Magneto you learned to deal with him should you see someone use him. Instead of worrying about Potemkim’s high damage you learned to beat him and anything he throws out. If you came across an Eddy masher you learned to block and counter. 

Today however by raising enough fuss. The company will fix not only bugs but make big changes to characters you complain about.  Why bother learning to deal with the problem when you can take your complaints to a now mellowed out game company.  You could also move on to another game cause in about 6 months to a year a new version of that fighter will be released.  So you can play that game instead.  And since everyone else is complaining about the game why not join in the fun and complain along with them.  At the same time you’re either playing that game or playing your favorite fighter.  Most likely you’re unable to accept equality cause you can’t play said game.  Although there’s many other fighters out there, you stick around the community to voice your complaints to a public that doesn’t care. Quite the amazing world we live in today huh?

I think I’ve bored you enough with that thought.  Moving on to the fights.

Considering the horrible mood I was in I considering the day went pretty well.  I tried out Frank cause I had a few ideas but it doesn't seem to work at all in my favor.  At least online.  Mainly like many other fighters of today do not read my inputs at all. Instead this apparent "auto-correct" function (as I've been told) kicks in and forces other moves to come out instead of what I want.  Which is no wonder why I get dismal results.  Personally when I play I double input just about everything especially motions to help insure things come out.  It worked in SF apparently it doesn't work in Marvel 3. In Marvel 3 even if you don't press 2 attack buttons for a super if your fast enough the game will read a L, M as L+M.  Makes no sense but it does. I've tested this in Training it happens to me A LOT.  Especially when it comes to calling assist. I have to hit the button at least 6 or more times for the assist to come out. I could simply slow it down but then its too slow.  Just seems to be a tendency today's fighters do now.  Honestly they could take a page from older games and allow you to adjust command timings. Oh well that's the online world for you. On the bright side it seems pretending to fail does a lot better.  Like a lot players online they tend to take things less serious when it comes to a player they seem to be blowing up.  Big mistake on there part since they apparently never read "The Tortoise and the Hare".  

My favorites though were the Viper Player.  And an actual player who knows about Vergil/Spencer reset and can perform it.