Saturday, March 31, 2012

Destrega Story Mode

Destrega is an old PSX title made by KOEI.  The guys behind the ever famous hack n' Slash Dynasty Warriors. Yep they made a fighting game. But just like KOEI you got a generally deep storyline behind the game. About as deep as you can get with a fighter anyway.

I would get into the story behind this but it would take me forever to explain it.  And that's just story mode.  The controls are generally.....not to say difficult but different to adjust to.  If you played Psychic Force or Virtua-On before you might get it right away but its still quite unique (Better than a lot of fighters today where its either over-simplistic or too complicated to even grasp a single inkling of the system).

The voice acting for its time is rather well done for the most part.  Especially considering the year 1999 we barely scratched the surface of actually adding voices to any game.  The music is rather decent.  There's about 2 tracks on the game I like so far.  Character design is like a modernized Dynasty Warriors character....ok not modern cause they still live in the old times but its pretty good.  The stage design actually makes you think about combat quite a bit more (especially when I played as Celia...her attacks are seriously dependent on the stage). I haven't really found a character that stands out of the bunch as too OP or broken.  Probably the secret characters should I unlock them I'll find some.

Story Mode the only problem I have with it is the same problem I had with Blazblue's is that there are parts where they just talk too much.  Some parts are short other parts however go on for what seems like forever.  Generally to give the player enough background story to understand what's going on.  I like story as much as the next person but there is a limit.  Combat itself can be unforgiving at times.  Thanks to weird controller mapping that in my opinion there's no way to make a customization I'm personally comfortable with.  Believe me I've tried.  Usually there's 1 button out of place and you absolutely need all controls. Since you can't win without blocking, jumping, or running (attacking is implied).  Trying to find the right setup will take far too long. LOL.

Overall its a good game.  Shame not many ppl know about it.  Even with it on PSN it'll get outshined by modern day fighters. This would be a game I would actually enjoy playing online with others.

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