Monday, March 5, 2012

The Failings of Sonic 06

I just decided kinda on a whim to go ahead and try to beat this on my own.  If you didn't know and like I've told many people but they choose not to listen.  Is that when I bought it around 2007/2008.  I barely started the game.  I didn't have time due to my job.  Instead my sister beat the game.  I don't know how even she doesn't know how.  She just did.  I tried to restart it during my marathon run only to have the viewers cry out literally, "no more!!"  So I stopped.  Slowly coming back and many various circumstances and hardships later I slowly made my own progress to beating it.

Sonic's story was beaten long ago.  Like late 2010 or early 2011.  That did take some time and I'll get into the only issues I've had with that story later in this blog.  Shadow's story I generally stopped and said come back another day due to frustrations of stupid vehicles.  Silver's story I just never want to play....I personally hate Silver with a passion.

Sonic's story while it is riddled with glitches I generally only encounter 3 of those apparently many glitches through out his story.  The first being his Hi-Speed running bits. I honestly don't know if I would count it as a glitch at times more like random crap occurring. The problem with that bit is that you have to be generally perfect to make it through there alive as running off the wrong ramp or not being in the right spot generally kills you on the spot.  The 2nd being Knuckles being stuck to a wall which is rather common and deal-able. I encountered that stuff in earlier Sonic Titles its nothing I'd really complain about.  3rd was one I deal with in all 3 stories and that's hit detection and targeting.  At the wrong time you'll see these guys aim for the wrong target and that will either kill you or get your hurt in some way.  Not a fun bit.  There's MANY more glitches in the game but I didn't really come across them to make a note about them.

Shadow's story while far better. I could live without sensitive vehicles.  Not only are some of them literally faster than what Shadow can move.  There's sections where you have to use them.  Not pleasant.  Of course Hit detection and aiming was an issue in Shadow's story mainly on the boss.  My main complaint is about the vehicles.  The SUV or whatever that is can be easily flipped over forcing you to get out and get back in it to try and flip it or abandon it completely (Usually the later cause this car sucks). The way too sensitive to drive and actually has a stage where its required to use it.  For whatever god given reason this thing is faster than what Shadow can move.  The Hovercraft is the absolute worse since you're 100% required to use it every time you see it.  Abandoning it usually means death. To make things worse you have to avoid getting crushed by the falling debris laying around or blowing your hovercraft up.  At least for the most part his story wasn't that difficult or long.

Silver's just generally awful IMO.  While it doesn't have as many glitches as the other 2 stories from what I've examined.  I just plain don't like him, his play style, or his story.  Blaze makes up for it by being playable at parts.  But Silver being very slow in movement.  Even his power ups are nothing to note.  Honestly they should have gave him one where he consumes less energy.  Hit detection is absolutely horrible at times where you need Silver's attacks to kick in resulting you getting hit by a projectile you thought you grabbed.  To make things worse attempting to throw things with your psychic powers of results in it missing cause Silver is aiming at something way off.  His stages while not confusing are far from straight forward.  No I'm not referring to Dusty Desert as there are far worse stages to comment on. If you wanted a puzzle element to the game this is your guy even though they're not puzzles....they're more hey figure out where to go.  Kingdom Valley being the worst offender. During Kingdom Valley you come across these stone pendulums where you're supposed to use your Psychokinesis to move to break the tower ahead of you.  What they don't tell you is that you can also through a random object (any random object) and the Tower will crumble.  To make it worse you eventually come to a part where it looks like the pendulum is supposed to hit a tower directly in front of you.  In fact at first glance it looks like you went the wrong way and the game just trolled you.  This is where I found out that any Random Object can make those towers crumble. As there's boxes lying around that you can throw.  Iblis is also a boss that pisses me off.  For one you can't gather loads of objects to throw at this boss.  You have to throw them generally one at a time and if you throw them at a wrong angle or if he's too far away you'll miss or the rocks will be destroyed before getting even halfway there.  This doesn't take into account that you have about 9 minutes to kill the dude before he automatically kills you by breaking your 1 and only foot hold completely resulting in your death.

Well onward to the last episode.  The boss isn't hard just stupidly designed.  But beyond that.  The Stage "End of the World" puts Eggmanland completely to shame.  While Sonic is dead....the other 7 Characters still alive have to go collect the Chaos Emeralds.  Easier said than done.  Probably the least "buggy" part of the game.  The stage itself is unforgiving. You have to run through one of the stages while avoiding giant time distortion portals that instantly kill you.  The problem is you're generally on a set time limit until the portals just get some cheap placements on the stage and kill you.  While there's statues that stop the portals from appearing. Its effect only last a few seconds.  To be honest the wrong characters went to the wrong areas IMO.  This took way too many tries to pull off.  Eggmanland at least all I had to do was learn the stage and get lucky with the QTE's.  The final boss is rather stupid.  Since its more or less a guessing game on who can damage the boss.  In both phases.  Very stupid.  Especially since switching between the characters you would generally have to wait a bit so they can recharge there ring count.

I'm not gonna bother with the ending.  For the most part everyone knows it. While many ppl complain about Sonic 06 being the worst title.  I have played worse Sonic titles IMO.  While I'm not fond of Sonic 06 and I'm not defending the game in anyway.  I have to keep in mind this game did make platinum/greatest hits.  The main problem is that fans today generally focus on the game being bad with rather bad reasoning.  From the outside looking in a video showing all the glitches doesn't exactly convince me.  As most of said glitches are avoided. Now something like Silver's story, Sonic's Hi-Speed run sections, Shadow's crappy vehicles, and the game's bad hit detection/collision I'd buy.  But nothing like oh well you gotta play as these crappy characters, Dusty Desert is a horrible stage, etc. makes for a good argument to me.

If you were to ask me my opinion on some bad Sonic games I've played here they are:

  • Sonic Labyrinth
  • Sonic R
  • Sonic CD (I dislike that game for many reasons)
  • GBA Remake of Sonic 1
  • Sonic 4: Episode 1