Saturday, March 3, 2012

FF1 - Time has Been Corrected (Until Dissidia Happens)

Well got upgrades. 2 Crystals Down, 2 to go.

Lets get started by exploring this undersea temple.  Well unlike the few previous dungeons this one is actually short.  Still needed to grind a bit.  Lots of treasure. Actually had a bit of fun wondering through here.  So mermaids do you turn to bubbles if you die? Ok....anyway Kraken is here guarding the area.  Surprisingly it wasn't all too hard. Another Fist to fa...tentacles going here.  Being a Monk Rocks.

With that down.  We got 1 more crystal to go....but uh how do we honestly get there?  Apparently the warp cube the robot gave us earlier and finding a Rosetta Stone in the Water Temple is key.  So I take this Rossetta stone to some Dr. back in another town.  He taught us another just a few seconds....wish I could learn that fast. So this town of Lufenia....doesn't look too they're just full of complaints. There civilization fell cause of the 4 Fiends. They tried to send ppl to investigate what's happening with the world but none of there ppl returned.  Oh thanks for this bell.  Next up. Mirage Tower and the floating fortress.

Well this place is rather short.  Nothing too hard so far.  Even navigation was easy....Hey adamantite...someone was talking about this earlier.  I'll remember at some point.  A rare enemy called Warmech destroyed my party in seconds.  If I actually managed to kill it that's 32000 EXP.  Holy crap no wonder its tough.  Never managed to encounter it again however.  But in that same process remembered who wanted Adamantite. None other than a dwarf.  Took it to him and well...EXCALIBUR FEED ME STRENGTH!!!! So after getting that climbed back up the tower and fought was a joke.  He's weak to Stone....which means use Break......1 hit kill.  Literally.  Yep...and with that The last crystal is lit.

Ok we lit the crystals but the game's not over?  Hmmmm......well according to the sages and the lufenians.  There's a person behind all of it and he's at the Temple of Chaos.....where all of this started.....Back to the Temple of Chaos for to finish this....Apparently all the bats hangin around were Lufenians that got turned into CHAOS?!!!!  Yep remember that cool dude in Dissidia who kicked your butt a few times in the PSP.  So....exploring the Temple of Chaos....not really exploring trying to make it to the top without exhausting all the resources.  I had to leave the place at least 5 times to go restock.

Finnally got to the top.  Time to settle things with Chaos.  Dude explains, that we killed him before as Garland.  And the four fiends he sent in the future so he himself could be reborn in the past. Blah Blah. That this is a never ending cycle.  Remember Dissidia storyline yeah that's pretty much what this is only with out the other FF characters.  Well time to fight.  This dude hit goes from weak to strong rather quickly.....funny that on the 2nd try I just put everything toward my Knight to finish this.  He broke 1000 damage.  Yep.  He died pretty quick after that.  Still hits hard though. Well with Chaos dead that ends this endless cycle of the world being put to ruin.


Guess what...the 4 Heroes...Us didn't live in that timeline we lived in the past where Chaos was.  Yep.  Somehow Chaos made us come to the future.  Well that's not everything.  With Chaos defeated the heroes ever coming to the future never happened.  In fact we don't exist LOL.  Chaos's death no one will ever remember the heroes.  But the world is saved.  Well that ends this game.  Rather short but hard as heck. Well finally I beat something I set out to do years ago that's one game down many more old games to go.