Friday, March 2, 2012

Final Fantasy 1 - Finally Making Some Progress In Saving This World.

Ok so now that all the small work is hopefully done.  Lets actually do the job we're supposed to do. Save the freakin world.  Well the first real area with a problem. Complaining that some vampire has stopped the flow of the Earth Crystal's energy.  Well then lets go kill this vampire.

OMG this dungeon is a serious maze.  Even a section where you just do nothing but fight every step.  What I also noticed is that there's literal planned battles in front of treasure chest. So its a good way to abuse some experience points.  The dungeon however....UGH....can't stand it.  I literally used all 99 of my potions.  Yeah at this point they don't restore much HP.  But its better than using your limited magic since there's no way to restore you MP except going outside and using a cottage or going all the way back to town and sleeping at an Inn.

So yeah the dungeon's a huge maze.  Oh hey there's the vampire that took me 3 trips to this dungeon to find.  Well that was a dissapointing boss fight.  And the problem still isn't solved.  Oh there's more floors....Great...just great.....Well apparently we needed this staff to get to the lower levels after exploring the lower levels we find A real boss Lich.  Ok this guy actually put up a good fight.  Well you know what.  Behold my fist punk. ATATATATTATATTATATTATATATTATATATATTATTATATATA

Hokuto Hundred Crack Fist

Watch that boss fade and the first crystal is lit.  1/4th of the game is done.  On to the next town.  Well thanks to searching all over for the locked doors that the key the elf king gave us. We found Nitro Powder. So now the dwarves help us by blowing up part of a continent so we can sail farther.  Awesome.  Come to a weird town where apparently these sages tell us that its generally our fault now that the Fiend of Fire is awakened. She woke up earlier than predicted cause the Earth Fiend is dead. And a Volcano is gonna erupt....well the Volcano is all the way over there I doubt it'll affect anything important....fine I'll go....Oh gee thanks a canoe....I'll be traveling in style with this thing.....whoopee.

Mt. Glug....If I had any inclination that previous dungeon was bad. This one is just plain unbearable.  Not only is the party inside an active volcano.  But its 6 floors long. Each floor is covered in lava. Stepping on the lava hurts your HP by 1 for each step.  Well on paper that doesn't sound bad but you haven't seen the dungeon and BTW the max HP for this game is 990.  The most HP I have at the moment is roughly 250 and that's on my Fighter dude.  Not to mention the monsters are competent.   I tried to go as far as I could the first time....and got lucky I made it back out alive.  I ran out of potions before even making it to the bottom. Went back in already spent over half my potions making it to the bottom.  Then there's my first dragon of the game guarding a treasure chest.  Yep.  Needless to say we got burned the first time around.  Had to reload the save and get back down there to beat some sense into the dragon.  If I didn't have the guide I'd be lost.  Then we go to the 2nd of the 4 Fiends.'d be hot...if you weren't a 6 armed snake lady with wild hair trying to burn the world.

I would think Ice would do some significant damage...not really....surprising to me. Well no matter.

Haste + Attack Boost + Punching = Some type of epic punch of the enemy's death.

(Insert Random Epic Fighting Finishing Move Here Cause I haven't thought of one yet)

Alright....that's the Fire Crystal restored....we're already half way there!!!

Well the sages don't thank us for restoring the Fire Crystal. Ungrateful old coots.  Kinda out of hints to go on guess time to hunt for another town.  Well Thanks to the guide that didn't take long.  Apparently this town gives hints about an *holy awe* Airship.  The only way to get one is to find a Levi Stone and use it in some desert somewhere.  Well lets find the stone first.....after some serious looking around.  Look what we Ice Cavern.....with the classic falling through cracks puzzle.....Remember Pokemon Red/Blue? Yeah that.  Well the stone wasn't heavily guarded.  The monster that isn't really a boss went down easy.  That's another Key Item Down. So according to the guide I just go to this patch of desert and use the LeviStone....So used to things happening automatically.  I had to actually open the menu and select key items to activate the Levistone.  Well look what comes outta the ground.  You see unlike other RPG games we don't have to go through some crazy drama to get an epic airship that we won't use often.  We're so epic we just earth bend one out of the ground.  Take that modern RPG games!!!

So according to the guide the next area is to Citadel of Trials?  For upgrades....I'm always game for free upgrades.  Besides the stat boost on the party seems to have dropped after hitting LVL 15.  Although we have an airship due to being limited to only be able to land on GREEN COLORED GRASS!!! We still had to walk quite a ways to that Citadel of Trials.  Like from one side of the continent to the other.  This better be worth the trip.  Well we're here what do we gotta do...another of those teleporting mazes too.  Well its not as long as recent dungeons were.  Not anywhere as hard either.....well...finished it....where's my upgrade....oh not yet.....this was just part of it.  Ok so to Dragon Caves?.....well does this mean I have to fight a dragon boss? Well wouldn't really be a Final Fantasy now would it?

To my surprise there were random battles with dragons in it. But no dragon boss fight.  In fact. Guess who's waiting for me and my group of epic friends.  Its Bahamut and he's not a dousche this time.  He honors our courage by giving us job upgrades....hey we look cooler now!  Alright now lets go beat up some Fiends!!! Ok we gotta do some work to get access to the next 2 temples.  Lets focus on the water one first.  Apparently the only 2 clues I got to work with are some dude sold a fairy in a bottle and there's cave in the waterfall.  Well cave in the waterfall sounds a lot more fun so I'm going there.  Well this was rather short and we find a broken down robot that gives us something.  Well can't exactly do anything as I thought with this warp now I got another clue that if I find some method to breath underwater this lady will allow us to use her Submarine....that's made out of a barrel.......a wooden submarine....uh huh...

Well lets figure out this fairy in the bottle thing.  apparently there's a caravan that sells bizarre things. And the dude that sold Link's lifeline sold it to said caravan.  God....this took a bit to find.  Even reading the guide this place isn't land marked at all.  Good thing for Youtube.  Found it and the dude wanted 50000 GIL FOR THE FAIRY!!!! you cheapskate.  Let the fairy free from the bottle and she didn't even bother to thank me she just flew away.  Nice....Well going back to the town where the dude told he sold her, Going a little further to the back end of town the fairy is there and she gave us some magic item that lets us breath underwater. Cool.   So next session we're going after the Water Crystal.