Thursday, March 1, 2012

Final Fantasy 1 - Well Uh...What To Talk About?

Where to start? Hard to say.

Well first off.  The same PS2 controller I use to play UMvC3.  Has a nice short in it.  So at random either my R1 or my D-Pad starts acting up if I hold this controller in a certain way or just completely at random.  Gee that might explain those random supers that somehow worked in my favor?.....whatever.

Well after beating the crap out of Garland and going across a bridge (don't forget many restarts due to dying).  Well we go North East to some random old lady's house.  Find out well she's blind.....well can't help her out.  But maybe this will be a clue later?  Ok lets go East.  Oh look pirates....and of course since they're RPG pirates...7 times out of 10....THey're gonna fail.  Yep these guys fail but guess get to kill 9 of these guys.  Yep....the max number of enemies you can come across is 9.  Imagine that. Hate to come across a tough battle with 9 enemies.  So by beating up a bunch of pirates you get a free ship.   I'll have to make a note of that.  Well if you pay attention to the NPCs they tell you that a ship can only be boarded and unboarded at a dock.  Which apparently is the little white strip on certain patches of the world map.  Well they also tell you that there's no ports up north.  So well guess that means go south...assuming you're thinking that way.  You can always search till you find something.  The guide also says go south....well lets go south.

Surprisingly the encounter rate drops DRAMATICALLY on the sea?  I guess they wanted to avoid any "We on a boat" references.  Well managing to go south we find a town full of Elves.....Yeah.....Oh you're king is in an eternal sleep....well then...uh....guess we move on to the next town.  Well there's not much else on this part of the continent.  Only 2 other places.  1's a broken down castle.  The others a cave....Well guess I'll explore the cave.  Which is exactly where the guide says I should go.  Oh but guess what....Apparently Link the hero of Hyrule is dead.  Yep his tombstone is in that elven village.  Oh well maybe Link will awaken as a zombie in the next game?

Well this cave was a pain.  See the problem is Phoenix Down's don't exist.  And Revive magic is quite a ways away. Not to mention costly.  So I had to memory save after every battle or walk all the way back to the elven village for there church to revive a character.  This area wasn't forgiving either.  Oh look its a crown....guess that has a purpose somehow.  (Following the guide you miss out on a lot of stuff that tells you what you need to do).   Well going to that broken down castle up north.  Find it has 1 person in there.  Oh its the king.  Wait what do you mean you don't need us?  Oh you're a boss fight.  This dude spams death on the first turn and its not fun.  Considering later FF games were friendly with death spells.  This one wasn't.  I can easily just run with 3 party members and get EXP. But lets try and keep all 4 alive.  Well after he's defeated I get a crystal eye....hmmmm this is useful somehow....oh wait that old lady.

Yep all the way back to her.  Well she wasn't very greatful...she gave us this tonic...that's supposed to wake ppl up....guess Coffee wasn't invented yet.  Oh yeah the sleeping Elf King.  Now he gives us a key....what am I supposed to do with this?  Hmmmm....oh this opens doors I couldn't open before? Cool....I guess...if its worth backtracking. We'll see.