Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SD Gundam G Generation World B Mission Notes

I didn't say this before but these missions take at least an hour to complete.  You cannot acquire both secrets in the same run.  I cannot read a lick of japanese. So I'm just guessing as I go and trying to use Wikipedia to figure things out.  I generally do 1 or 2 missions a day if I have the time.

B 01 / - Gundam 0080-
(Good stage for early money. All GBreaks + Secret + Nine capturable units = approx 131,000) I completely disagree!!!

Break Trigger 1 - Bernard Wiseman(MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai) --- defeats --- Christina Mackenzie(RX-78NT-1 Gundam Alex)
Break Trigger 2 - Shin Asuka(Sword Impulse) --- defeats --- Either Stella Loussier(Gaia), Auel Neider(Abyss), or Sting Oakley(Chaos)

Challenge Mission 1 - Defeat Christina Mackenzie In three turns
Challenge Mission 2 - Shin Asuka(ZGMF-X56S/b Sword Impulse) --- defeats --- Either Stella Loussier(ZGMF-X88S Gaia), Auel Neider(ZGMF-X31S Abyss), or Sting Oakley(ZGMF-X24S Chaos) before they can leave the Colony

Secret - Three D-50C Lotos appear. Note that the Lotos are hostile and will fight the player. They also has their own phase to move/attack in.

-Uh....Santa Claus is a bomb? See glad I don't celebrate Christmas.
-Bernard SUCKS!!!!!  No Seriously he sucks.  At least Jerid could fight....this guy...doesn't deserve to be in a MS at all.
-Gaia, Abyss, and Chaos will pretty much ignore that Shin exist and go straight for the exit.  Stella I believe moves the greatest distance so stopping her first is a plan. But she's also the most dangerous while transformed.
-Try to have a ground team or a warship near the exit that will come to be ready to stop those 3 as well as the 3 Lotos tanks.
-The last set of units are pretty easy to wipe out.  Assuming you kept units that move well in space.
-Those nukes do 8000 damage a piece. Don't count on them moving so kill them right away or lose 1 or more MS.

B02 / Char's Counterattack- After the Asteroid Falls
Break 1 - Gyunei defeats Amuro.
Secret 1 - Gyunei defeats Amuro within 2 turns.
Break 2 - Destroy all Meteor Breakers within 5 turns.
Secret 2 - Destroy all Meteor Breakers within 4 turns.
Secret Unit - Mandala Gundam / Kyral Mekirel (Pilot acquired at 40% Completion)

-Rather easy if you have 2 full teams.  Just set 1 Team to take care of the first break then have the 2nd team complete the second one.
-Mandala Gundam is quite the powerhouse.

B03 / Gundam X- This Operation is Time-Critical
Break 1 - Garrod Ran(GX-9900 Gundam X) defeats either Shagia Frost(NRX-0013 Gundam Virsago) or Olba Frost(NRX-0015 Gundam Ashtaron).
Secret 1 - Garrod defeats either Shagia or Olba with the Satellite Cannon (Do not use the MAP attack version; DO NOT KILL BOTH OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME!).
Break 2 - Garrod defeats Aina Sahalin(Apsalus II).
Secret 2 - Garrod defeats Aina with the Satellite Cannon (Not the MAP attack).
Secret Unit - Nobel Gundam (Berserker Mode) / Allenby Beardsley (Berserk) (Pilot acquired at 85% Completion)

-Getting Garrod's Sattelite Cannon to hit is rather tough at times.  If he doesn't hit have him recharge by going back to his Warship or waiting a few turns.
-Leave a team or warship behind to take care of Apsalus II and wait for Garrod to get back there. Apsalus II has a MAP attack that's works directly in front of it. You can stand at its 4 corners and completely avoid being attacked for awhile.
-Try to get units that can travel at a great distance as the Warships take some time to travel back and forth.

B04 / Gundam SEED Astray- Artemis' Umbrella
Break 1 - Lowe defeats Gai.
Secret 1 - Lowe defeats Gai using Gerbera Straight.
Break 2 - Have Prayer fight Canard.
Secret 2 - Prayer fight's Canard at Super Critical Tension.
Secret Unit - G-3 Gundam / Amuro Ray [OYW]

-Gerbera Straight is Red Astray's Sword Attack.
-setsuna steals the spotlight....again
-Canard gives me an Inuyasha feeling with all that hair.

B05 / Gundam SEED Destiny- Break the World
Losing Condition: All 4 Meteor Breakers are destroyed
Break 1 - Defend the Meteor Breaker in 6 turns.
Secret 1 - Defend all the Meteor Breaker in 6 turns
Break 2 - Have Athrun fight Milliardo.
Secret 2 - Have Athrun fight Milliardo and defeat him in the same battle.
Secret Unit - Yuu Kajima in the RX-79BD-3 Blue Destiny Unit 03 appears. Note the the Blue Destiny Unit 3 is hostile and will fight the player.
Note: The Stage will end once all enemy Units are destroyed, you have to wait out all 6 Turns for the first Generation Break to occur.

-Try to keep the enemy to a minimum until the Break Trigger is activated.
-Millardo is easily beaten with long range attacks.

B06 / Gundam 0083- Space Mayfly
Break 1 - Cima defeats Kou.
Secret 1 - Cima defeats Kou after you sink Albion.
Break 2 - Cima defeats G-04 and G-05.
Secret 2 - Cima defeats G-04 and G-05 in the same turn.
Secret Unit - Def Stallion in the F90 Gundam F90 (Full Equipment) appears.

-Kou is actually pretty tough.
-Defeating G-04 and G-05 at the same time is rather tough as everything they do is in total sync.

Mission B07 Undrowning Space (Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO)
Losing Condition: All 3 HLVs are destroyed
Break 1 - Defend the HLVs during 4 turns.
Secret 1 - Defend all of the HLVs for 4 turns. NOTE: All must be alive.
Break 2 - Master Unit defeats Athrun.
Secret 2 - Kira defeats Athrun before Archangel descends.
Secret Unit - Zabine Chareux [Crossbone] in the XM-X2 Crossbone Gundam X-2 appears. Note that the X-2 is hostile and will fight the player. It also has it's own phase to move/attack in. (Zabine [Crossbone] is acquired at 55% Completion)
Note: The Stage will end once all enemy Units are destroyed, you have to wait out all 4 Turns for the first Generation Break to occur.

- The Stage will end once all enemy Units are destroyed, you have to wait out all 4 Turns for the first Generation Break to occur.
-Defending HLVs easy.  There's only Ball and those other things.
-If you haven't noticed by now the Guest Units are becomming Incompetant making some of these breaks hard.
-Shame those other guys were down there the whole time for nothing LOL. Whoops.
-Try to leave at least 1 enemy on the field till the generation break.

Mission B08 - The Disguised Ship, In Their Sights (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn)
Losing Condition: Garencieres is destroyed
Break 1 - Garencieres reach the designated area.
Secret 1 - Score 4000 points before the Garencieres reach the designated area.
Break 2 - Marida defeats either Orga, Cloth or Shani.
Secret 2 - Defeat Nahel Argama Kai before defeating Orga, Cloth or Shani with Marida
Secret Unit - Qubeley Mk-II (Red) / Puru Two

Note: Garencieres starts moving on Turn 3.
-Leave 1 enemy till the generation break.

-Make sure Marida gets the generation break if anyone else defeats Orga, Cloth, or Shani all 3 will retreat.
-Nice to be in advantages position for the Break Trigger.
-Qubeley MK II is not worthy of secret unit.
-Be in position for the break trigger or end up risking the Garenciers.

Mission B09 - Storm of Jaburo (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)
Losing Condition: 1) Destruction of any of the Guest Units or 2) Guest Units failed to reach the designated area on your Turn 15.
Break 1 - Kamille defeats Jerid.
Secret 1 - Defeat Jerid with Kamille without taking any damage.
Break 2 - Master Unit defeats Eric.
Secret 2 - Master Unit defeats Eric after you defeat Ailos and Fritz.
Secret Unit - Corin's Kapool, Kapool x2 / Corin Nader, Sochie Heim, Miashei Kune
Note: The Stage ends once you destroy all enemy Units before your Turn 15 ends or Guest Units reach the designated area.

-Kamille and the others are horribly slow having very little move space. You shouldn't need them though just have Kamille beat up Jerid again for the umpteenth time.
-If no one is around the enemy will attack the Warship that's used as the safe zone.
-many capturable units around.  Not enough space to hold them all.
-Devil Gundam won't move at all but does randomly attack the safe zone.
-Master Asia has quite a few handy abilities that kick in at low health.
-Even the Devil Gundam Worms have capturable units with them.

Mission B10 - Burning Sandstorm (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
Break 1 - Kira Yamato [CE 71] defeats Andrew Waltfeld.
Secret 1 - Destroy 10 BuCues before defeating Andrew Waltfeld with Kira.
Break 2 - Amuro defeats Ramba Ral.
Secret 2 - Destroy 6 Magella Attacks before defeating Ramba Ral with Amuro.
Secret Unit - Mudrock Gundam / Agar

-Quite the Easy Mission.  Lots of semi-weak units to take down.
-00 Units out of place again
-Ramba well boring LOL.

Mission BEX - Deprived World
Break 1 - Master Unit defeats Gym Ghingnham.
Secret 1 - Master Unit defeats Gym Ghingnham within 5 turns.
Break 2 - Master Unit defeats Milliardo and Treize.
Secret 2 - Master Unit defeats Milliardo and Treize within 5 turns.
Secret - Devil Gundam Junior / Neuro

-Same as before beating Halphas ends the mission
-The enemy isn't afraid to use MAP attacks.  They will end you by simply spamming.
-Turn X is very strong  If you're gonna take it out do it in 1 shot.
-Millardo and Treize act in sync.