Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Thoughts On Fighters In General

Just a random blog plug cause I can't get to sleep.

For Fun or Skill?

These 2 things are really 2 sides of the same coin.  Honestly playing for fun is the most important part. I can't describe what's fun as its different for each and every person. I rather play with friends. I don't really like to fool around.  But fighting with everything you got is rather fun for me.  Skill honestly for me can be thrown out the window as regardless of the game anyone can win.  There's too many factors that can lead to a victory. Lag, lucky break, had to walk away, glitches, etc.  I don't know if ppl have fun in tournaments any more since money is on the line.  Outside looking in I rarely find that tournaments are any fun. Since in major tournaments your shelling out money gambling that you can get it back and then some.  Smaller tournys is more about investing time.  I've been to both types not really having much positive to say about them.  You meet people of all types...I've been threatened before to throw a match, generally Online Room that went bad but its real life.  Anyway I rather get together with friends and play instead of meeting random people.  I don't know what one or the other is gonna say.  I rather not deal with hearing them or recieving messages.  Just come in play your best and go.

Training Mode Or "The Lab" (really a stupid term IMO)

While Training Mode is there.  Its hardly a substitute for actual practice.  Especially the way I practice.  Since I can never focus on one thing at a time anything I do in Training mode generally amounts to nothing. The same applies to that Challenge Mode, Mission Mode blah blah blah.  To me that's not training.  Rather real training is fighting under certain conditions to win a match.  A real Challenge/Mission/trial mode.  Take Soul Calibur 1 - 4 in this regard.  Each game had modes where you had to win under specific conditions while the A.I. is really out for blood.  To me that makes you a far better player in the long run.  Why? This is due to how much work you're putting in to win. You eventually find a way to fulfill this condition making you a better player overall.  If not that then Survival Mode does the same as you're fighting to see how far you can get while making sure not to make too many mistakes due to watching your health.  Practicing combos falls to the bottom of my list as it doesn't matter to me about the combo as long as you come out winning. What's the point of learning the combo if you can't hit your opponent?  An effective strategy is far more important than combos in my opinion.  With that said pretty much any combo I come up with is what others call impractical.  What they call practical is generally things I can't possibly do in my lifetime or the game's lifetime. Instead of learning what they call bnbs (bread n' butter). I find what I can and can't do.  While I can do the same as any other player out there I rather not tire out early and stick to what I favor.  Honestly I rather examine what other players do and find my own way around that.  Every player has habits good and bad.  Making use of that information provides far greater success.

Fighting the A.I. or A Human opponent.

This is a subject of great argument.  Most players believe that, "there's nothing to learn from the A.I. as they suck."  Well as far as I would like to believe that to be true.  Its certainly not the case.  While A.I. habits can be easily exploited at times.  They know what they're doing at the very least.  Think about it from another standpoint. When the game was created it was made by humans.  Some one had to program it.  So at the same time someone had to program the A.I.  So in a sense you're fighting a human opponent. Ok so in Blazblue they don't rapid or burst.  I don't rapid much if at all while playing the game as I don't get a situation to use it in often.  SF A.I. does some of the most irritating things in the game yet that's what you see commonly online.  Yeah they make mistakes but there's little difference between our mistakes and the A.I.'s mistakes.  But even more so you complain that A.I. kicks your butt cause they have godlike reactions.  Well from what I've examined from tourny videos, those players also have godlike reactions.  Just cause they have what's called an AI Cheat function (a function the CPU uses to allow instant inputs for any move) does not mean that they're better. In fact it makes a good training dummy as you know what that character is capable of.  I've seen the AI perform some rather amazing things. Heck the Dead or Alive A.I. is so good even setting the difficulty doesn't make a difference as they'll still kill you otherwise. Training against a human opponent is rare.  Most will tell you to **** off. Others are below your skill level to be of any use.  It happens, honestly I only seen the situation once in my life where a friend will help a friend out.  In short I rather fight the A.I.  Given the chance they can come up with some amazing stuff.

Stick vs Pad

Lets see if I can keep this short.  Neither of them make you a good player. Both are expensive both break rather easily.  I've used both.  And I have pros and cons of both.  If I use a pad my inputs are faster but I have a lot of errors as well.  With a stick I make far less mistakes but I'm that much slower.  It doesn't matter which I use.  I only prefer using a pad cause it cost a lot less than a stick.  If I had the money I might buy a stick but it would be a custom made one to my liking.

Online or Offline

I can't say I prefer either one.  Both have there issues and for the most part I experience the same thing. Playing offline I come across a lot of crap.  Online I may avoid any physical confrontation but still get the verbal.  Online has lag but that's only if playing certain people.  My connection being comcast so its pretty standard. But everyone regardless of there connection will end up with lag at some point.  Dealing with it is the question. I find lag most of the time easy to adjust to.  I usually don't play bad connections or I try to avoid it. Honestly I rather play alone and avoid people in general. Its when I perform my best as well.

Rage Quitting

Don't do it. Simple as that.  Honestly if its disconnect let the other guy know.  Cause its just rage inducing otherwise.  Send a message and apoligize.  But rage quitting is just stupid.

Tier List

I don't believe in them.  Usually when I read a tier list it sound highly biased.  To be honest I think Tier List is based on character usage at tournaments.  Or based on something to that effect. (How much damage they can do, some random gimmick that character has, etc.)  Honestly a tier list doesn't mean much.  There's always something untapped that the tier list maker didn't see.  Someone always uses the characters differently than others.  There's just way too many factors to even remotely make a proper tier list.  Would be better to make a list based on ease of use.

Tutorials, Instruction Manuals, etc.

I for the most part hate most tutorial modes.  They're generally poorly made.  Blazblue's tutorial is generally read this wall of text and perform this combination of buttons as a preset character.  I rather open the a strategy guide or an instruction manual and read it from there.  ***Now they do explain a somewhat generic play style of the other characters but pretty much the entire main tutorial is done with Ragna while the other characters get a very brief summary.*** I would much rather read an instruction manual or "OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE" on how to play the game.  I personally like to do things by the book and not cheat/shortcut commands to get a move out or use some sort of glitch (Like Kara-throwing, Tiger Knee, etc.).  While its for the most part inevitable that I'll end up learning these techniques. I find them rather useless and wish I could unlearn them.  For the most part I find most players forget the basics and skip to the advance stuff immediately.  While on some games you can get away with that.  Others its easy to punish those who didn't bother to learn the basics.  While there are some things in the book I don't use its a nice thing to keep in mind for use later.  No one in Blazblue really uses guard attack, but when its used everyone is surprised, there's a plethora of moves that Dante hasn't used in a match and its a big surprise when ppl use them.  I favor instruction manuals and official strategy guides as they don't literally tell you how to play the game unlike videos, certain websites, and other players.  It is kept on an unbiased level to enjoy the game and keeping the player in mind.

Investment of Time

If you asked me this 4 - 8 years ago my answer would be completely different than it is now.   I don't have the time to invest in games especially fighters.  Not like I did back then.  Also there were a lot more people around to play these games with.  Now with a new fighter, DLC, or some random patch being released every 6 months to a year.  I would say the time I invest in fighters is a serious minimum. Players tend to move on the moment a new fighter is released. Fighters of the same series are released meaning you have to shell out more money to try and keep up with everyone else.  Unlike before where there were few fighters and you had time to learn the game.  This falls back on the fun factor.  Unless I know a few people are going to get the game and what system (particullary Xbox 360), I most likely will not get the game or even consider it.  While I could spend just as much time as anyone else in the game.  It will all amount to nothing as everyone will move on to the next big thing.  The time it takes for me to get to where I'm satisfied is double or even triple that of the average player.  Add that to how many other games I have yet to even open.  That's quite the long time.  I also considered the fact that I'm not making money off playing these games.  I don't envy those that do make money as when I asked certain people how much they're actually making the numbers didn't really add up. (I asked NTom64, Justin Wong, etc.).  Even making video games seemed like a waste of time to me as from the documentary I saw having that kind of job meant that I would have little to no time to enjoy myself.  I'm not saying you shouldn't do that cause if that's what you want to do go for it. Just weigh out the risk, time-management, money, etc.  I also don't wanna play fighters where I'm going to see players just get mad for no reason.

What Fighters Am I Good At?

That's a funny question.  Cause you can say what you're good at but other people will say different.  To be honest I would say I'm good at fighters that generally no one plays.  Really ones that get forgotten quickly or generally rated as a poor title.  Virtua-On, Virtua Fighter, Battle Fantasia, Neo-Geo Battle collessium, Samurai Showdown, etc.  Generally games that are forgotten and only played by Japanese players.  The popular fighters I don't really think about too much and only play those cause I have some friends playing.  I would never play anything M rated however as I made that a standard I intend to keep.

To Be Continued....Maybe