Saturday, March 24, 2012

Near End Month of March....Just Looking At Things

Figure I do this early cause this is my busiest month of the year.  That and probably June, July, August.  What I do during this time. Only those close to me know.  Seems a lot of crap went down makin everyone mad. I know how they feel I just can't help em out like it seems they want me to.  Ironically its not even the ppl that should be mad that are raising a fuss.  Its everyone else.  Go figure.

YT Closing Channels

I'm honestly not surprised by this.  Rather the uproar it causes every time rather astounds me. Yeah YT closing channels is well...bad.  But honestly they're doing there job....poorly but they're doing it. Looking at some of the channels they really do push the boundary of the rules users were given. Heck we all do to some degree. I can call some unfair but with just reasoning.  Others...they know what they're doing is wrong and just keep going without a care.  I'd list examples but that would send massive hate and flames towards me that I don't have the time to deal with.  YT....Google is just enforcing its new policy so as to not have another Viacom fiasco.  While I thought about this and my channel I went ahead and took the liberty of removing basically all intros, openings, endings, and the like from my channel.  There's still videos I have to edit out and I'll have to do some digging.  But I do follow to some extent that the companies don't want spoilers to there games.  Sega really cracked down on this going as far as removing generally all cutscenes.  Square started doing this a few years before Sega.  While I don't like what's going on.  I don't have the time or resources to do anything about this.

With that said the false Company known as Music Publishing Rights Collection Society is still known everywhere.  After digging a little deeper into the situation. I found how fake they totally are.  If you search this company name on Facebook you'll find that there's a Facebook page with a rather unsettling description on them. It basically states that they are filing copyright claims on random videos for the sake of making a little money. Whether this page is the real deal or not remains to be seen but I have yet to find anything else on them personally.

I have stated this before probably about 3 times.  If my YT page goes down. I'm 90% not likely to make another one.  The fact being that at my current age, focusing on this without making money at all leaves this as just a hobby.  I still have a JTV/TTV account I can use every now and then. But my time is stretched thin.  Either I get very little sleep and in the long run miss out on everything. Or I follow my priorities.  Now I could do as others say and dispute the copyright claims. But that leaves the possibility of facing lawsuits that I can't pay for.  Sorry to say this but, I don't think I can count on you guys to be there if something like that happened.  To those that are losing or lost there channels I feel for you but don't let it ruin your life.  You still have the ability to play games or whatever it is that you do so its not the end of the world.

Is My Blog Even Worth It?

Funny when I check the stats of my blog.  I find that my most viewed blog is one from well over a year ago that I personally imported from another blog I shut down.  And its about Tales of Graces F.  LOL.  I start to wonder if its worth writing at all.  Right now the best purpose I have for it is for myself to keep track of progress.  I'm rather glad for the most part that I stopped getting a massive influx of viewers to my videos. Since most comments I read were haughty, spiteful, full of hate, and spam. I don't have to deal with crap and I'm able to discern more and more who to keep on my friends list and who to remove.  I do wonder if its worth writing this stuff as for the most part at the end of day a lot of ppl don't care what I have to say LOL.

No More M Rated Games

I don't think I've told many people this and I haven't exactly made it known.  Awhile back I made the decision not to watch or play M rated games of any kind.  This is cause games that are M rated especially in today's circumstances have far more than enough violence, sexual activities, etc. that is enough to scar most children even adults for life. Personally you don't need to have a traumatic experience any longer to these things.  You can just pop in a video game and there you go.  I also believe that what's seen on TV, books, real life, etc. will be immitated in some way.  I'm not saying that you'll pick up a gun and just go on a killing spree.  But it will be that much easier for a person to do such a thing when exposed to that kind of enviroment. After realizing this myself I made the choice not to associate myself with Mature rated games as far as possible.  While I still know what goes on in those games cause I can't avoid not hearing about the storyline etc.  You will not catch me watching or playing these games.

Everyone moved to PS3

For the most part everyone I know either has a PS3 or moved to the PS3 for the sake of free online.  Leaving me and my Xbox 360 rather lonely.  Yep.  Well what do I do?  I still have no intention on buying a PS3 anytime soon.  The community on both PS3 and 360 is roughly the same.  There are no games I can't think of being worth getting on the PS3 that isn't on 360 already.  Yeah the 360 is somewhat boring with no friends to play with but I'm used to it.  I generally like it that way as I don't feel as much pressure.

That's about All I can think of for this month ending. I probably won't be getting any new games as I have way too many to play through. Later....