Friday, April 6, 2012

SD Gundam G Generation World C Rank Missions Notes

Will be updated I go along.  Made the 3rd Group with Mr.Bushido as the new Master Unit.  Generally for ground based combat.  Missions in this bracket are mainly time based.  Most annoying ones are reaching various points on the map.  Just don't waste time when it comes to reaching various targets.

Mission C01 - Stargazer (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Stargazer)
Break 1 - Have Selene McGriff (GSX-401FW Stargazer) fights Sven Cal Payang (GAT-X105E Strike Noir).
Secret 1 - Selene fights Sven after Shams Couza (GAT-X103AP Verde Buster) is killed.
Break 2 - Have Selene fight Quatre (XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero).
Secret 2 - Have Selene fight Quatre AND defeat him in the same fight.
Secret - Gerbera Tetra Kai / Cima Garahau

-Keep note where Selene is.  If you're going for the first secret. Sven and Shams might move in on her unexpectedly.
-Quatre won't move even when provoked you can use this to your advanatage.

Mission C02 - Storm of Io (Crossbone Gundam)
Losing Condition: Any DOME Bit Units remain on the Map 6 turns after the first Generation Break occurs.
Break 1 - Kincaid Nau (XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1) destroys the Elphante.
Secret 1 - Kincaid destroys the Elphante in 8 Turns.
Break 2 - Destroy 6 DOME Bit Units in 3 Turns.
Secret 2 - Destroy 6 DOME Bit Units in 2 Turns.
Secret - Dendrobium Orchis / Kou Uraki (Unit won't eject into Dendrobium Stamen upon destruction.)

-The DOME Bit Units are actually very strong and X1 and X2 Crossbone don't have much for defense except the cloak (If they haven't already lost it).

Mission C03 - Mafty's Disturbance (Hathaway's Flash)
Losing Condition: Any Enemy Units reach the Festival Center (Red Area).
Break 1 - Have Rein (Penelope) fight Mafty (Xi Gundam).
Secret 1 - Have Rein fight Mafty in 3 Turns.
Break 2 - Rein defeats Ragan.
Secret 2 - Rein defeats Ragan in 3 Turns.
Secret - 0 Gundam / Ribbons Almark
(If the path is left unblocked, they can reach the Festival Center in 2 turns.)
-The enemies will virtually ignore you while approaching the Festival Center.
-Mafty talks way too much.

Mission C04 - Glass Kingdom (New Mobile Report Gundam Wing)
Break 1 - Destroy 10 Virgos in 4 turns.
Secret 1 - Destroy 10 Virgos in 3 turns.
Break 2 - Have a Master Unit defeat Heero (Gundam Epyon).
Secret 2 - Noin defeats Heero (Gundam Epyon).
Secret Unit - Heine's GOUF Ignited / Heine Westenfluss

-Virgos are easy to take down with close range combat. Otherwise they resist most shot attacks easily.
-I was fast enough to destroy Heero rather quickly in the same turn.
-Water starting to rear its ugly head.
-The Phoenix Rises again. And not that stupid PMSing Dark Phoenix.

Mission C05 - Seen and Unseen (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
Losing Condition: Archangel fails to reach the designated area by your Turn 15.
Break 1 - Kira Yamato [C.E. 71] (ZGMF-X10A Freedom) defeats Yzak (Duel Assault Shroud).
Secret 1 - Mu La Flaga (Skygrasper) defeats Rau Le Creuset before Kira defeats Yzak.
Break 2 - Have Archangel fight Takemikazuchi (using a normal attack, not MAP).
Secret 2 - Have Archangel fight Takemikazuchi and defeat it in the same fight.
Secret - Penelope / Rein Eim
Note: The Stage ends once any part of Archangel reaches the designated area.

-You may wanna leave a group behind to deal with the secret unit
-Water everywhere. Either have flight or good water MS for better movement.
-If you forgot Warships can't move and attack in the same turn so keep that in mind.

Mission C06 - Sniping Shot from Space (Mobile Suit Victory Gundam)
Break 1 - Gauland (NPC ship) reaches the designated green area.
Secret 1 - Gauland (NPC ship) reaches the area within 6 turns.
Break 2 - Chang Wufei (XXXG-01S2 Altron Gundam) defeats Treize (OZ-00MS Tallgeese II).
Secret 2 - Chang Wufei defeats Treize while in Super Critical Tension.
Secret - Setsuna F. Seiei / GN-001+GNR-001E GN Arms Type-E (Unit ejects into GN-001 Gundam Exia upon destruction.)

-Virgos are annoying with there shields. Close Range Attacks or anything physical can take care of em.

Mission C07 - Tremors on Lantao Island (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)
Break 1 - Domon defeats Master Asia in Hyper Mode.
Secret 1 - Domon defeats Master Asia in Hyper Mode in 3 turns.
Break 2 - Destroy Devil Gundam in 7 turns.
Secret 2 - Destroy Devil Gundam in 7 turns with Domon.
Secret Unit - Lu Bu Tallgeese / Lu Bu Tallgeese

-You're given plenty of time to take care of Devil Gundam.
-Just leave a group in the back to take care of SEED Destiny units.
-Master Asia has an ability to increase his chances of dodging when his health is low.

Mission C08 - The Memento Mori Operation (Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season)
Losing Conditon: Memento Mori fires. (You have 6 turns for the 1st one and 4 turns for the second one)
Break 1 - Destroy Memento Mori in 6 turns with Ptolemaios 2 (Ptolemy).
Secret 1 - Destroy Memento Mori in 5 turns with Ptolemaios 2.
Break 2 - Destroy Memento Mori in 4 turns with Setsuna.
Secret 2 - Destroy Memento Mori in 3 turns with Setsuna.
Secret Unit - Zanneck / Fuala Griffon

-The Memento Mori has a lot of HP but careful not to overdo it.
-Ptolemaios 2 is rather weak in attacking so weaking the Memento Mori to about 6k.
-Keep note of what attacks Setsuna is using to avoid wasting your Tension and Trans-Am

Mission C09 - Hong Kong Attack (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)
Break 1 - Kamille Bidan (RX-178 Gundam Mk. II) defeats Four Murasame (MRX-009 Psyco Gundam).
Secret 1 - Kamille defeats Four Murasame in 5 turns.
Break 2 - Domon defeats Great Wong with Sekiha Tenkyo God Finger.
Secret 2 - Domon defeats Great Wong with Sekiha Tenkyo God Finger in 5 turns.
Secret Unit - Gold Sumo / Harry Ord
Note: For Break/Secret 2, Domon's tension needs to be at least Critical to use Sekiha Tenkyo God Finger as it is only available in Hyper Mode. Domon must also defeat Wong without support.

-Murasame has horrible stats when it comes to firing so you should be safe...and its Kamille and Amuro...they're actually pretty good at dodging.
-For whatever reason RNG hates Domon....building up tension for Seki Ha Ten Kyo God Finger is tough to do without dying and taking risk.
-Split your units to have Units that can move in the air as well as ground.  Or you can just wait on the ground and they'll come to you.

Mission C10 - Operation Angel Down (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)
Break 1 - Have the Archangel reach the Escape Point in 8 turns.
Secret 1 - Have the Archangel reach the Escape Point in 7 turns.
Break 2 - Have the Archangel reach the Escape Point in 10 turns.
Secret 2 - Have the Archangel reach the Escape Point in 9 turns.
Secret Unit - Amuro's Waverider (Z-Plus) / Amuro Ray (Zeta), 2 x Waverider (Z-Plus) / Karaba soliders
Note: The stage ends if all enemy units are defeated before Archangel reaches the Escape Point.

-Who ever is guarding Archangel's Rear....forget about them catching up with it....They never will.
-Turn A Units still troll but easy to take out.
-Bring some water or air units cause the last break they're all in the water.
-Shinn has Anger issues.

Mission CEX - Awakening
Break 1 - Master Unit defeats Ribbons.
Secret 1 - Master Unit defeats Ribbons in 5 turns.
Break 2 - Destroy all Nuclear Missiles before they explode.
Secret 2 - Destroy all Nuclear Missiles before they explode in 5 turns.
Secret Unit - Ebiru Doga / Neuro
Note: Nuclear Missiles explode if any of your units are within range of their detonation.

-Definitely wanna hold your ground on the middle of the map.
-Don't advance haphazardly especially with the Nukes lying about on the map.
-Shouldn't even have to bother with changing maps since they'll all come to you.
-The first set of units will Self-Destruct as a MAP attack(Either they'll use that or Trans-Am spam).....kill em off quick this mission....ain't that fact all units pretty much troll Kira.  Jesus Yamato not happenin today.
-Ok....that episode(s) of Gundam SEED is ringing through my head with all those nukes.

New Master Judau Ashta/ ZZ Gundam Group 4 Obtained.