Monday, March 12, 2012


Ok so managed to pick this game up.  PSP Version.  OMG I love this game.  So many gundams and MS to use.

To start this game starts out in a random battle that takes place in 00 Gundam Season 2.  At random Unicorn from Gundam Unicorn shows up to fight in the battle as well.  After a series of crazy events that I can't explain cause I can't read japanese.  I guess Time is distorted or something like that.  Then starts the main game.

The graphics are great especially for the PSP. The Wii version does will but seems to be mediocre compared to PSP.  The music is great and very authentic coming from almost if not every series of gundam that exist.  The amount of MS along with original units is vast enough to rival that of the amount of pokemon.  Even loads of pilots that everyone loves. While it is turn based and a strategy RPG.  The game is still fun to no end.

You start by picking a Master Unit.  Which is generation a protagonist or antagonist from various series of gundam.  So yeah its a pick your favorite.  So many people I don't know.  I only came to know Setsuna through friends that watched 00 Gundam.  But there's a lot of ppl I don't know.  I chose my Master Unit as Gatto in Gundam Physalis (Basic).  This would come back to bite me later.

Ok aside from that master unit you can create your own pilot and have a few original pilots to use on a team. Well let me tell you right now.....everyone generally sucks till later on.  You get money to buy MS and Pilots.  Personally I went for pilots first.  Cause my Warship was missing a first captian.  So I bought Lacus Clyne (Yep the somewhat useless chick from SeeD not SeeD Destiny).

Ok on with the gameplay....after sorting through menus.  I quickly figured out which one was missions.  Our first mission.  Apparently its the original Gundam season.  I think its the episode where Amuro Ray meets Char for the first time or something close to that.  Hard to tell I don't remember that series that well. Anyway each mission is presented with a various mission, a break trigger, and a challenge.  The mission is generally basic. The Break trigger is what you have to do to extend the mission. The challenge is well a challenge and unlocks a secret opponent to fight.

Alright so I get to help Amuro....he doesn't need my help I need his help. Yes we suck that bad.  My Warship is an embarrassment compared to White Base. And our MS (Mobile Suits) are subpar.  Ok once I had Amuro beat Char....we had a generation break.  Mission extension.  Char dissapears and Quattro and Kamille show up.  Talk about a timeline screw up. Now the mission is have Kamille defeat Jerid.

Well of course Jerid sucks so he went down easy.  After that was disposed of.  A bunch of Units from Gundam 00 show up.  Ok now this timeline is really messed.  They were rather tough to deal with.  relying on help from the guest characters (Kamille, Amuro, etc.) Is what pulled me through it.

Let me tell you the rules of the game though.  First off if your MS dies....its gone for good.  You have buy another one.  The pilot is safe though.  I'll have to take a guess and say if the master unit of the ship dies.  You lose automatically or if you're warship is destoryed? I don't know rather not find out.  Unlike everyone favorite SRT/SRW games there's no spirit commands you to activate.  There are abilities however.  The hit rate of attacks is rather realistic to some degree IMO.

While I would think the game is easy.  It would be far easier if I could read japanese.  Even with the Wiki site I still have a rough time sorting through a lot of stuff.  There's a lot MS I don't know of.  Most are original to the game others I just never seen before.  Still fun.  Espeically when you reach that level of PWNAGE that just kills everyone.

Right now...well from last night.  Picking Gatto in Physalis was a bad choice.  For one its main attack...that made me like it in the first place eats up all the Energy in 1 attack.  While I can recharge by going back to the warship or waiting a few turns.  Its accuracy is dismal.  COME ON ITS A GIANT BALL OF DOOM! HOW CAN YOU MISS?!  As well as some pilots are not meant to be pilots.  Building up MS is well....rough as they take a bit of effort to work on.

Creating my own pilot is fun though.  I get to pick generally what type he is in ability, Melee, range, Newtype, blah blah blah. Even get to pick my own Theme song.  Well even though the game is slightly more complicated than that of say Megaman in japanese (which is Rockman) or most FF international games. Still fun and not too difficult to figure things out.  I hope this game comes out in English although I doubt it since its PSP and the Vita was just released.  Usually when I buy JP games though I end up seeing an english version released which then you hear me go "************************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cause usually it'll be the day I just got it.  Anyway I'd definitely give this game a Thumbs Up.