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SD Gundam Generation World PSP A Missions Notes Etc.

-A 01 / Mobile Suit Gundam-
Break Trigger 1 - Amuro Ray [0079](RX-78-2 Gundam) --- defeats --- Char Aznable [0079](MS-06S Char's Zaku II)
Break Trigger 2 - Kamille Bidan(RX-178 Gundam MK II [Titan colors]) --- defeats --- Jerid Messa(RMS-106 Hizack)

Challenge Mission 1 - Amuro defeats Char in one turn.
Challenge Mission 2 - Kamille defeats Jerid in two turns.

Secret - Anavel Gato in the RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis" appears.

First off gonna tell you I played through the mission a few times so I could have competant MS. That and I won't have to rely/risk guest characters to save me. 2nd These missions are long. At least an hour each depending on how I do things.  Usually in SRPGs I'm all for finish it quickly. This one I need experience or I can't get what I want. (unless I use CWCheat). The first master I chose was Gato in the Physalis Basic....I upgraded it to MRLS version. I don't know the other MS that well. Okay maybe a few. But still.  I'm generally picking from what I know and what looks cool.

-Jerid Sucks
-Get used to seeing 00 Units in the most out of place areas.  They are everywhere!
-Yeah I played this mission many times before that's why you see some MS Units that are rather powerful for this point in the game.

-A 02 / Gundam SEED-

Break Trigger 1 - Kira Yamato [CE71](GAT-X105/AQM/E-X01Aile Strike) --- battles --- Athrun Zala [CE71](GAT-X303 Aegis)
Break Trigger 2 - Lowe Guele(MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame) --- destroys --- two GINNs

Challenge Mission 1 - Kira battles Athrun in two turns
Challenge Mission 2 - Lowe destroys 2 GINNs within 2 turns

Secret - Kelley Layzner in the Val Varo appears on the east side of the map (hostile)

-First time I did this I lost many units cause of the secret unit.  Val Varo is dangerous up close.
-Depending on how you run the first Break. Kira will need a bit of luck or some assistance to stay alive.
-Jerid still sucks
-Lowe is pretty good.

-A 03 / Gundam 00-

Break Trigger 1 - Setsuna F Seiei(GN-001 Gundam Exia) --- defeats --- Patrick Colasour(AEU-09 AEU Enact)
Break Trigger 2 - Uso Ewin(LM312V04 V Gundam) --- defeats --- Gary Tan (Bearded guy in blue Helicopter MS)

Challenge Mission 1 - Setsuna defeats Patrick in one hit while in Super High Tension
Challenge Mission 2 - Uso defeats Gary in one hit.

Secret - Gundam Spiegel appears.

-Patrick is gonna get overkilled regardless if you're goin for the break.  Just don't have Setsuna attack till he reaches Super High Tension.
-For Uso to beat Gary in 1 shot either weaken Gary or puse Uso into Super High Tension and have his gundam in flight mode.
-Spiegel is another dangerous one up close. Even fighting at a range. He has a high evasion rate and an ability that increases his evasion rate when at low health.
-Talgeese is dangerous regardless. Best to draw him to you. Especially if you don't have many MS that possess flight.  Ground Units dominate easily if you draw them to you.

-A 04 / 08th MS Team-

Break Trigger 1 - Terry Sanders Jr.(RGM-79GS) --- arrives --- in the green area
Break Trigger 2 - Bright Noa [Zeta](Blue Temptation Class Shuttle) --- arrives --- in the green area

Challenge Mission 1 - Terry arrives the designated area without taking any damage.
Challenge Mission 2 - Shiro defeats Aina before Bright reaches the safe zone

Secret - Jamil Neate in the GX-9900-DV Gundam X Divider appears.

-If you have enough units split your team to have 1 cover the left side of the map and the other on the right.
-You can protect Terry easily if you have units that move in space easily. You should be able to wipe out at least 4 enemies before long.
-Bright Noa has VERY limited move space and Scirocco will catch him long before he reaches the safe zone.  Get a team with a lot of movement to take care of this problem.
-Make sure Aina is dead before the 2nd break.

-A 05 / Turn A Gundam-

Break Trigger 1 - Loran Cehack(Turn A Gundam) --- defeats --- Po(Blue uniform woman in middle large MS)
Break Trigger 2 - Loran Cehack(Turn A Gundam) --- defeats --- Yazan and Gemon

Challenge Mission 1 - Loran defeats Po within 3 turns.
Challenge Mission 2 - Turn A destroy Yazan and Gemon in the same turn

Secret - Oliver in the YMT-05 Hildolfr appears. Note that the Hildolfr is hostile and will fight the player. It also has its own phase to move/attack in.

-It should be quite easy for Loran to get the Challenge mission.  If you're not confident he can pull it off then attack Po a few times to help him out.
-Defeating Yazan and Gemon is also rather easy to pull off.  Generally 2 attacks should do the job. Loran can easily finish em as well.
-Oliver's only threat is his MAP attack that has very wide range.  Try to stay out of it and have George(Rose Gundam) run away or find a way to build up his tension for his know that super mode.
-Ground Units are a god send here.
-When Oliver shows up its the perfect time to grind some lower level Units. The map isn't very huge and you're warship can catch up easily.

-A 06 / Gundam ZZ-

Break Trigger 1 - Judau Ashta(MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam) --- defeats --- Mahymre Cello(Gallus J)
Break Trigger 2 - Mu La Flaga(Moebius Zero) --- defeats --- Rau Le Creuset(GINN)

Challenge Mission 1 - Judau Ashta defeats Mahymre Cello in 2 turn
Challenge Mission 2 - Mu La Flaga defeats Rau Le Creuset without taking any damage

Secret - Mikhail(Kampher) appears on the bottom of the map


-There Warship cannot move and cannot attack.  Its also quickly surrounded to the generation breaks.
-Get units that can move and deal some damage quickly.  As the ship will generally die in about 2 to 3 turns.
-The last set of enemies can deal a lot of damage probably the most damage thus far in the game.

-A 07 / Gundam 00 Second Season-

Break Trigger 1 - Any character(s)/unit(s) --- destroys --- all 18 Automatons in three turns
Break Trigger 2 - Defeat Mallet (Act Zaku) with Master Unit

Challenge Mission 1 - Destroy all 18 Automatons in two turns
Challenge Mission 2 - Defeat Lilia, Gustare and Yuiman (Rick Dom II's) before defeating Mallet with Master Unit

Secret - M'Quve in the YMS-15 Gyan appears.

-Depending on your Team it should be rather easy to destroy all 18 Automatons. Just watch your energy.
-This is the first mission where you have 2 different maps to battle in.  So shift maps appropriately or Let them come to you your choice.
-This seems like a very nice mission to build EXP since its very easy to hit Super High Tension.

-A 08 / G Gundam-

Break Trigger 1 - Defeat Michello with GF13-017FJ Shining Gundam's Shining Finger attack
Break Trigger 2 - Domon Defeats RX-79BD-1 GM Blue Destiny Unit 01

Challenge Mission 1 - Defeat Michello with Shining Finger in two Turns
Challenge Mission 2 - Domon Defeats GM Blue Destiny Unit 01 while in Super Mode (Critical Tension)

Secret - Black Tri Stars in 3xMS-09 Dom appear. Note that the Dom(s) are hostile and will fight the player. It also has their own phase to move/attack in.

-Generally Easy.  You should have a real easy time getting Domon to do both Break Triggers and Challenges. If not weaken the enemies a bit or team up with Domon.
-Blue Destiny Unit 01 attacks everyone indiscriminately.  You can use this to your advantage but don't let her kill the break trigger requirement.
-Units that move on ground have a very easy time getting around.

-A 09 / 08th MS Team-

Break Trigger 1 - Shiro Amada(RX-79[G]Ez8 Gundam Ez8 ) --- destroys --- Four of the cannons
Break Trigger 2 - Shiro defeats Nimbus's Efreet Custom

Challenge Mission 1 - Shiro Amada destroys four of the cannons after he defeats Norris Packard(MS-07B3 Gouf Custom)
Challenge Mission 2 - Shiro defeats Nimbus's Efreet Custom while in Super Critical Tension.

Secret - Ali's AEU Enact Custom / Ali Al-Saachez

-Leave at least 4 cannons for Shiro to destroy be careful leaving a cannon alive as they tend to have great accuracy regardless of hit rate.
-Avoid being in range of the cannon for the last break.  Move in once you regroupped and can deploy your units. A 4-12 range is nothing to gawk at.

-A 10 / Gundam Wing-

Break Trigger 1 - Any character(s)/unit(s) --- destroys --- all the shuttles in four turns
Break Trigger 2 - Heero (Wing Gundam) defeats Graham Aker

Challenge Mission 1 - Any character(s)/unit(s) --- destroys --- all the shuttles within two turns
Challenge Mission 2 - Heero defeats Graham Aker after the other two Flag Pilots are defeated.

Secret - Meers Custom Live Zaku

-Sorry Lacus you gotta die.
-You can collect a lot of Leos and sell them for a lot of money.
-Try not to get confused as to which unit is Graham Aker.  He shows up and all the pilots looks the same.
-The Stargazer Units take quite a bit of time to travel. You can use this to your advantage.

-A EX / Extra Stage A-

-!!!-WARNING-!!!- Destroying the special unit(Halphas Gundam) will end the mission. While the mission ends in "STAGE CLEAR" victory, it will end the mission even if there are other enemy units on the field and other break triggers left.

Break Trigger 1 - Any master unit --- destroys --- Char Aznable
Break Trigger 2 - Any master unit --- destroys --- Paptimus Scirocco

Challenge Mission 1 - Defeat Char Aznable in five turns
Challenge Mission 2 - Defeat Paptimus Scirocco in five turns

Secret - MS-50A Zaku 50 appears.

-THIS STAGE IS HARD.  Expect to see 4500+ damage especially from manned units.
-Getting Char is difficult unless you plotted out a path to use your extra turns effectively.
-Halphas Gundam and its other 2 units won't move at all until you're in a 4 square radius.
-MS-50A Zaku 50 is a threat when you're busy dealing with the other enemies. Take this out quick before you're overwhelmed.
-Jerid's back.....Again......
-The last set of units to appear are great at close range and even block often.
-Amuro, Judau, and Kamille won't survive long.  Don't expect them to defend you. They are however good for dodging Sazabi and Quebelay's Funnel attacks.
-Make a plan on which sides to defend and who will go where.  Once they're done or in need of a retreat. Call them back.  This fight will take a long time.
-New Master Select and added a group. So use of another Warship. Gonna need it.

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