Friday, March 23, 2012

SFxT DLC....Avoiding a Super Version Are We?

Late on this but the game isn't that old yet.  Unlike some past fighters where we had to download the character(s) that will take up most of our HD (Unless you got a big HardDrive).  Guess what.  Not only is this new set of characters on the disc.  Capcom actually went as far as to say....they're going to charge you for them. Yep and there's 12 of them according to CAPCOM's blog.  There reasoning for this business move is to avoid a "SUPER" Version.

 Quote: "This move also furthers our desire to avoid a "Super" version of the game down the road. Everything you need to enjoy this game for months (and years) to come will be accessed by the retail disc available this week. When the DLC update does come, it will inject new life and excitement into the game by unleashing 12 new fighters into the wild."

 Really....this many characters on the disc....charge us for them....and not call it "Super Street Fighter Cross Tekken?"  I think they don't understand the joke that Capcom has been used for the past 3 years. Generally there reasoning is to keep the game fresh and keep players on that game.  Doesn't exactly work.

Well don't worry the people who hacked the game to find out this truth (the part that they're on the disc) can't use these characters online.  As it falls under hacking and other policies.  Well that's not really a relief.  Thinking back to the last few times we had "Super" versions, patches, etc.  We had to pay for them.

  • SF4 to Super SF4 to Super SF4 AE (add a free patch for the 2012 year)
  • MvC3 to Ultimate MvC3 (Free Heroes and Heralds mode)
  • RE5 Another dang storyline (I don't play RE so I don't know if it was free or not)
Other Fighters that quickly released patches, sequels, characters
  • Blazblue (CT, CS, CS2, CS Extend, Characters)
  • KoF13 (Iori, Billy, Mr.KoF, NESTS Kyo,)
  • Soul Calibur 5 (Characters up for download, and a patch fix coming soon)
Well the phrase "All of my money...." comes to mind.  Glad I'm not buying SFxT anytime soon now due to the confirmed word of DLC, bugs the game has, etc.  Might as well wait till Fall 2012.  If at all.

Anyway who are the DLC characters well here's a list.
  • Lars and Alisa
  • Sakura and Blanka
  • Bryan and JackX
  • Elena and Dudley
  • Lei and Christie
  • Guy and Cody
Well any chances of seeing any of my top character choice teams is gone. LOL.  I've been saying Sakura and Karin for a long time Been wanting Sodom and Birdie too.  I get Sakura and Blanka.  Tekken characters meh there's nothing I can say about them.  Oh wait I can....Where's Roger/Rogerjr./Alex, Lee, etc.  Oh wait there in the background (most of them). Capcom: "Haters gonna Hate" :Trollface:

The cost of this stuff well here you go
  • Swap Costumes - $1.00 (80 MSP) each or in two $13.00 (1,040 MSP) Street Fighter and/or Tekken packs
  • DLC characters - $20.00 (1,600 MSP) for all 12 new fighters 

Ok lets do some quick math here.

Original Game - $59.99 Round that off $60 bucks
DLC Characters - $20.00 
Not interested in costumes - $0
Most likely have to dig up Special Gems DLC - Unknown

80 bucks without sales tax.  Considering Sale's Tax. that's $85.60.  Yep.  Wow.  Yeah I'm waiting till Fall.  Actually I probably won't get this at all. Everyone I know is on PS3 except 2 people. And I already don't like the looks of the online community for this game. Usually it takes at least 4 months before the community goes bad.  This game the community already looks horrible.  Oh well I got 200+ other games to actually open/finish. Why am I looking at this?