Thursday, March 1, 2012

UMvC3 I miss the Old Days of Fighters

Man I miss the old days of fighters for a lot of reasons.  For the most part its the number of players available online to play.  There's not as many as when this game first came out since there's about 4 or 5 other fighters out now people can play. Not to mention most of them moved on to PS3.  Generally when that happens you only a few good players stick around. The others said..."Well screw this game I'm moving on."  To make things a lot more how to put it...challenging. With the massive flux of new fighters out (although I wouldn't exactly call them new for the most part). The game is left unfinished with a lot of untapped potential to discover.  Pretty much due to popularity and tier list pretty much you only have less than half the cast with a full analysis on the character. The rest of them well anybody that makes a guide (unless you shell out 20+ bucks for the official guide) You're on your own.  See what I miss about the old days is the fact that you had LOADS OF TIME to learn the game. You can figure out your own methods to beating the apparent..."top tier". Well the problem is the way things are now.  Who's really going to stay loyal to just a single fighter?....Not saying you have to be loyal cause I'm far from loyal to any fighter...especially current generation fighters. Those that actually know me know that the fighters I like is the ones nobody plays.

Now going over whatever tips and crap I've heard.  The main one I want to focus on is "Watch Max's vids on the characters." Well here's the problem with that.  His videos over the characters aren't exactly tutorials.  Not saying he doesn't do a good job. However from what I've noticed the only characters I've seen the guy go IN-DEPTH with are ones that he mains online (X-23 being sorta the exception).  But being serious here from what I've seen of his "tutorial" videos wasn't exactly much to go with good for someone new but if you want to take your game further....not something to go with.  Pretty much to describe it I would say like this.

  • Short Bio that involves mobility, damage, health, a good point and possibly a weakness
  • Special Moves and What they do.
  • Supers/Hypers and what they do.
  • A move to take note of.
  • This is there assist and this is what you should pick
  • Here's a combo I won't tell you how to do it but you should be able to figure it out.

Now that's how I feel about it.  Fanboys will probably troll saying otherwise but that's how I feel about his tutorials.  Now the characters he actually went in-depth with for the most part.  I don't use or want to use them one bit.  I really appreciate his Wesker since he actually went out of his way and put up a good way to beat Wesker.  I didn't see that on the other characters as for the most part it seemed to be like I described previously just a bit more in-depth.  The subjects he talks about in the "Online Warrior" videos are interesting but its hard to collect usable data on the other characters. The other problem is like many of players of today. Its rather obvious he's moving on to a different game.  He might come back UMvC3 but not likely.  Many other games caught his interest. So I can't rely on him for help.

I don't particullary care for mission mode as they're not really teaching its more..."Do this Combo" not to mention unlike Blazblue where you had a mission mode there's didn't care as long as the required move came out. So you are welcomed to add your own inputs to the mix and still complete the mission.  UMvC3 nope its either do it there way or walk out. So would training mode do the trick...well not really.  The most I can do is fight the A.I. at max difficulty and work on landing a full combo.  Can't exactly learn strategy as the A.I. doesn't play like a human player.  In some cases they play better than human...wait what am I saying? LOL That's what everyone else says.

The last one point I want to touch is there's no such things as cheap characters or cheap mechanics especially in this game. I'm not gonna say go play Marvel 2.  Really lets put things this way either deal with it or stop playing the game. You have at least 4 or 5 other fighters you can play instead of wasting time saying something is cheap you have the net, you can complain to the company, you have lots more time than I do to play these games. Stop complaining especially to me.

As for the matches I dropped down a rank.  Oh well.  For the most part from what I've watched and been hearing many high rank players have actually went and reset there rank back to beginner (resetting the win/loss record). If you ask me that's a rather stupid function to do. When it comes to Ranked you're generally playing others of the same general skill or slightly higher.  Resetting your Rank totally offsets that.  Knowing that a player is far too skilled to be this rank you could sometimes write it off as they played a lot of offline.  But now having knowledge of this makes me quite sad.  You don't get to see any new players now. Now when playing certain matches I have to ask how long has this player been at the game? Is this guy really the rank he/she should be?  Well I'm soon to reach my limit of this game. And by limit I mean gone as far as I can go and not get any better.  Many people want me to spend pretty much my life on this game or really any fighter....well go make a Time Machine find my 16- 18 year old self and have him play the game.  My priorities are far different than to put 100% into a game. Especially when there's likely to be another fighter released in 6 months to a year these days. I just want to play for enjoyment. Where I get my enjoyment is different than what you think. I can't exactly think of matches of note.  I actually played for an hour this time. Not gonna happen again especially for March got many other seriously important things to do than play a game.