Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Happens when I pick certain characters in UMvC3 (Joke)

There's a good reason why I don't pick certain characters.  You see when I pick certain characters....bad things tend to happen.  When I say bad things I mean bad things. Besides from something randomly exploding.

If I Pick:

Wesker: Leon dies....Yuri gets stabbed by a jealous female.
Vergil: Nero ends up not interested and calling me picking Vergil bull****. A random chocobo dies.
Dante: A random chocobo dies and Shirma ends up at a loss for words.
Zero: Iris dies....again and "The World" crashes putting Kite in a coma.
Dr.Doom: Relius puts someone in the torture chamber.....(we all know its actually a bondage chamber)
Deadpool: Amy Rose dies......well ok that's actually not a bad thing.

This is among the many bad things that happen.....also apparently someone randomly gets a BSOD.

Being Honest

I don't pick these characters cause I don't like them.  The supposed saying that these characters are also easy to use is also a load of crap as I can't do anything with them.  They are far from easy to use.  More like easy to mess up.  Add the fact that I don't like anyone of them for many reasons (if I even began to list them the wall of text would be the size of YT's Nyan Cat's video comments).  I generally made this video as a joke representing I don't pick characters I don't like. Since I don't have the time like other people to play as much as they do. I can't sit in the "LAB" and practice. (you think seeing my status on Xbox says I'm there but I'm more or less asleep at that time. LOL). Maybe if you invent a time machine and find myself at 16 or 17 years old. Bet that person would play and master the game ^_^.