Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Threads of Fate Day 2 Stupid Mini Games and Evil Camera

Well when Klaus said that this mage was weird didn't expect that.  Seriously did I inhale something???  Well once I get there there's these little...I guess Dwarves...or Mushroom ppl whatever they are...(seriously was I high?).   She's not in but lets play some mini games.....bad set of mini-games.  Yep each mini game consist of traveling mario style to the goal then playing some random mini game.  The first involved catching a set of balls. 2nd playing sound to drive birds away. The last jumping on a bunch of mushroom heads.  Ugh.....well now we meet this weird mage...she wants us to find her friend.....who's being held by thugs...once again lol.  Well did that and got the hint to open the cube....and turns out there's a doll inside....Oh and forgettable boss encounter.  I don't know how but his last move seemed rather undodgable due to the camera angle.  Whatever he's done with.

The next day was rather wow.   First off getting beat by a that cheap optional fight many times.  Seriously you can hit him but a moment where he's vulnerable is rare.  Not to mention the dude's cheap dog.  The dungeon itself was funny.  These little ppl hang around if you hit one of them 6 others come out of nowhere and attack you and they spawn infinitely.  The boss however was cheap. I giant whale or whatever it is.  With a very hard to hit weak spot.  Either through dangerous jump kicking or being lucky enough to position yourself to hit  the boss with magic without getting eaten.  BTW if you get eaten it gains back health.  Its very easy to fall in the water....Seriously Camera could do better.  Auto-aiming magic doesn't help either.

Well that ends that day getting ready to move on to a mountain where a great dragon is suppose to live. And apparently the story gets deeper with many things.  Find out more about Rue which the player already knows.  And some back story about what's goin on with Mint's family and such.