Sunday, April 22, 2012

Threads of Fate - Mint Side (Maya's Back)

Well guess starting to reach end game cause Maya showed up and she's not too happy with evil loli ex-princess. Finnally so close to getting the "Relic" only to be denied by Maya and her cronies.  And before we get this showdown goin between Mint and Maya. Maya decides to troll and have one of her to say on top of her and well stay there. Luckily Rue shows up and saves the day...well saves the doll and leaves Mint there. Maya preaching about justice saying not to touch the "Relic" cause its evil etc etc.

Now Mint imprisoned her magic taken away. Kinda least until Rue shows up and reveals that he has the ability to transform into monster.  Now to escape from this prison...before the raping pumpkins come back.  Quite a simple dungeon IMO.  Escaping rather easily along with the help of some old...enemies???? Wait a minute.......

Spent a night catching between the 2 characters explaining what's goin on. The next day things started getting worse.  Now instead of normal monsters we have puppets attacking the town.  First lets save the very people that were nice to us before we find the source.  Well Trap Master Failing as usual. Quickly swoop in to stop his sorry butt.  Now after locating the source lets try and stop it.  Wait underground ruins....again!!! Noooooooo......

Well exploring the ruins again finding out that all the monsters have been replaced with those aggressive puppets.  After about an hour (and quick editing).  Find none other than Maya is behind all this....for a character that seemed to be all about protecting the world...her personality seems to have done a 180. Went as far as attacking the're just a decoy.....SOB.   Well Puppet Master, Trap Master, and Psycho Master attacking the town for the puppet.....Don't worry we got the best Street Fighter in Existence!!!
Get 'em DUKE!!! Shoryu......BOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!  Well that failed.....Don't worry Mint is here to save the day....Nope you go fight Psycho Master in a private room.....wait we're fighting in the church....well guess its gotta be used for something.

Fighting with Psycho Master can be summed up like this.....IT'S NO USE!!!!!  TAKE THIS!!!!  You gotta attack this guy from about 4 seconds to do that before....IT'S NO USE!!!! Well after dealing with him.  Get back outside only to find that our doll friend has given up....but he wants Mint to save him.  Well seems like we're getting to the final here.  Mint about to get serious.

I left out some details so you guys would actually watch the videos. LOL.  Not gonna spoil the entire thing. I'm not some LPer.