Saturday, April 7, 2012

Threads of Fate - Mint's Side Day 1 (FIND THAT RELIC)

This is gonna be a pain to describe.

Threads of Fate is an old PSX title (probably now available on PSN).  Honestly if you enjoyed the Mana series games you should enjoy this one.  You play as 1 of 2 characters.  Mint, a bratty tom-boyish princess who lost her succession to the throne and aims to get it back by finding a magic "Relic" of her own to beat her younger sister. And Rue, a mysterious young boy with no memory of his past seeking answers about the man who killed his guardian and his self. Both stories are connected to each other and like most games today where you have the same game from 2 different perspectives you can play as either one both having different playstyles. Mint has various magic abilities she can use to defeat her foes. Rue has the ability to transform into various monsters he defeats.

So lets start on Mint's story.

A total spoiled rotten brat she lost her right to succeed the throne through rather easy methods.  She figures since her younger sister Maya has a "Relic". If Mint can find one of her own she'll be able to defeat her younger sister and take back her right to the throne.  Its not as easy she thought.  Landing on a mysterious island that may actually have clues as to where to find the "Relic" she seeks. Of course once she lands she's already beaten up by like the spunky girl she is she goes to give them a little payback....with a Size 8 to the face.  With saving a young lady in distress as a bonus. As a thank you she gains free access to an Inn and help with finding the "Relic" she desires.

Ok done with that for the training wheels are off...sorta.....The Underground Ruins....rather a water temple esque dungeon.  The dungeon itself is a maze.  And it actually took longer than expected to nab all the treasure. Especially 1 area that consisted of melting 3 ice blocks.  While solving it was simple the work put into it was a nice grind.  The game's EXP system is different than most traditional RPGs.  To build your HP you must take damage.  To build MP you must use your magic.  You restore MP by attacking enemies.  Probably the more unforgiving part is the platforming.  While controls are smooth the camera at times is generally not your friend and you don't always have control over the camera.  Probably the most troll part of this area was the running sections.  The first running section you're doing Indianna Jones...yep you're running from a boulder.  Easier said than done as rocks fall generally randomly in front of you.  (Poor Rue).  The 2nd running Section you were running away from this zombie-dragon like creature....would be easy but there's suddenly spike balls to bar your path and thanks to the camera its rather hard to tell how to properly dodge them.

The boss fights aren't too bad here.  The first being said Zombie-Dragon like monster.  Simple jumping from platform to platform and jumping the occassional fireball then attack.  The 2nd rather trolling lady who also possesses magic like Mint's but uses it in different way.  Her wind attack reminds me now a lot of Vergil's Spiral swords in UMvC3.  Her fire attacks aren't that bad however.

Well now that we survived the Ruins we actually found the "Relic" just one issue.  No idea how to open it or use the key we found.  Well apparently our next destination is to go to a crazy magician's house and ask her.

Side Event

Did a bit of back tracking found 2 new spell combinations (Power and Infinite or whatever its called).  Also the swordsman sidequest.  Dude is rather tough and actually cheats when his little puppy gets involved in the fight.  Could be worse though.  At least losing doesn't result in a game over....just left with 1 HP lost 100 Gold.