Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Threads of Fate - Mint's Side (The Final Battle)

Well to save Prima (the Doll), he should be at Maya's tower.  So lets get over there. Well climbing it was a pain.  Seriously this whole afraid of pumpkins crap is getting on my nerves.  Oh hey its Trap Master again....he's still pathetic to fight like last time. You gotta be kidding me as this boss. I'm not gonna kill you.  You don't deserve that honor.  Well now its time to face off with Maya.  Man that was.....easy????  The most she could do is shoot a weak beam, summon pumpkins, and turn Mint into one.....Oh so that wasn't Maya.  Mode Master....you guys need better names. Hey she's running away.  Oh there's the real Maya in prison.  The old guess which one is the real me game.  Ok.  Well apparently I guess right.....I shoulda guessed wrong for more LOLs.  After that we get some more background story.  And leave.....No Prima here.  Oh what is that in the sky.....Looks like final dungeon.

Ok to get up to that final dungeon (AKA Valen's Relic) we need a method to fly.  Rue is feeling depressed....Oh hey Rod you got a method?  You need 5 of these Cannon Orb's.   Ok so lets ask everyone we know about them.  Wow finding them was generally easier than anticipated.  Lets see from Duke and Belle. From Klaus. Another one from the shop. One from playing a stupid mini game....again....Ok that leaves number 5???? Oh Wylaf has it....and Rod and Duke went to get it.....Manly Speech Go....Ok so we got all 5 needed.  Before I go lets see Wylaf apparently he has something I could use and boy did he. Magic Style Hyper.  Oh god this style eats all my MP.  And Rue isn't depressed anymore yay. And...he...grew...wings....

Ok The Final Dungeon

Well find an almost dead Prima chillin at the entrance.  He gives us some magic I CAN'T USE YET!!!!!! Inside the dungeon its not a maze but its somewhat different on figuring things out.  Honestly I just ran around willy nilly till something happened.  Oh look its Psycho Master.  Oh crap he opened his eyes. IT'S NO USE!!!! IT'S NO USE!!!  After a somewhat hilarious beating to him at the end apparently the next room is filled with past terrors?????

Oh you mean bosses we killed before. Well being low in health gave the win to that whale thing.  But then it died in 2 shots.  Easily.  Oh the stupid horse....ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! THAT THING just isn't a boss.  The undead dragon....come on....there's gotta be better fights than this....

Now we come to another puzzle...Took a minute to figure out.  Lighting appropriate torches then bringing the stones to the altar.  Okay now on to the final boss???? Oh hey its Doll Master.  Dang Rue got messed up.  Well Doll Master is easy.  Especially with that Circle Magic Yellow.  He got whooped pretty badly.  Well lets see this Relic of Valens......Wow I have a feeling of a philosopher's stone here.  So that's Valen...Blah blah blah I can't fight you I'm a spirit blah blah blah....oh look a convenient body to possess. Now I can fight you.

Well this boss fight was just annoying.  You kill its buddy so it can't run around and attack you while attacking Valen who's just floating around. With that done...guess now Valen's Relic is Mint's now.  Nope.....Last Final Boss Speech.  Oh look its Maya give me that power of the book of Cosmos.  Now for the final battle....

This was annoying for the fact that there's not much of a clue on how to beat this guy.  Can finnally use that Magic Prima gave us.  It made no sense.  Apparently it absorbs shots then fires it back.  Problem is there's only 1 moment you can do that.  Why can't I just jump kick him?

Well with that done time for the ending.  Escaping from the dungeon...without Valen's Relic....*boooo*.  Mint tired out the place is coming down.....Up to Maya to save the day. Somehow getting out of there.....and waking up 3 days later....Time to say good-bye to everyone.  Maya ready to go home with Mint. Rue is gonna travel to find another Relic to save Claire. Good luck.  Prima is now adopted....Klaus is gonna continue his research somehow......Belle and Duke are gonna keep hunting for treasure.....Rod is leaving......Everyone's leaving....if only I could say bye to Wylaf.  He was cool....Oh well. That ends Mint's Side of the story.  Now we can play Rue's story