Saturday, April 28, 2012

Threads of Fate - Rue Beginning

Well continuing things lets see things from Rue's point of View.  You wanna know why Rue is so depressed?  Well his girlfriend/caretaker died at the hands of some random guy with a giant hand.  CLAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So looking for the "Relic" in order to save her.

Unlike Mint, Rue uses his ability to transform into monsters to get around.  Upside is his stats are more closely related to the monsters he uses.  Downside you can only hold 4 at a time and if you get a new one the oldest one get bunked out the list.  Needless to say he doesn't heavily rely on MP like Mint does which is a good thing.

Well just like Mint we gotta beat up those same thugs that are about to rape an innocent woman.  Yeah its an E rated game.  But it has mild language, suggestive themes, mild animated violence.  How they got away with this is beyond me considering how many cuss words is mentioned throughout the story.  Not to mention that scene in general especially in this day an age can easily be taken the wrong way cause the words they say just go that route.  Anyway how do we save Elena?.....Well obviously turning into a monster and scaring them.....Lets see...A plant......nope.....A Saber tooth Tiger.....nope......lets turn into the weakest monster of the game.  A pollywog.  Am I kidding? Nope.  And now cause Elena is far too much of a blonde.  Apparently Rue is now a pollywog with the ability to turn into a human. Sigh.....aneurysm....

Well just like Mint's Story......climb up to the atelier and fight a boss....a stupid looking horse....the 2nd time.  Still fact easier.

Ok I didn't exactly show this before but Rod who hangs out in the outskirts of town.  You can fight him for 100 Gold....he beats the crap outta you.  Good for HP grinding.  He'll change his weapons overtime.  Also if you invade Johnny Wolf's territory (the dog) it might attack you interrupting everything you do. Usually if you buy the proper equipment you can beat him.  Other than that he's one of the bosses that uses the old...."wait till I'm obviously open and attack" Strategy Otherwise he'll murder you in seconds faster than most bosses on this game.

Anyway the underground Ruins....again....but as Rue....didn't really wanna drop my Gargoyle form but oh well. Still have Saber Tiger.  Still the same old maze.  The good thing is I don't have worry about the lava cause pollywog form takes care of that.  What's funny is the Guodon form (the giant tadpole lizard thing) has a tail whip move that can just keep spinning till you actually get dizzy from the attack.  I forgot that I was using the D-Pad and could use the Analog stick to move around so platforming was a pain.  The boss dragon was rather simple.  As usual.  The main difference here is instead of fighting Belle you fight Duke.  Duke's ability is apparently to copy whatever he reads or watches and act like them.  So he read a ninja book...and well now he's a ninja.  (Needs to read that Street Fighter Book).  Still easy.  Escaping from the Dragon or whatever that thing is was easy to.  With the Saber Tiger form just hold Right and I'm done. LOL.

Well that should be enough for today. Next I believe we go see Fancy Mel and get Rue's exclusive dungeon as well.