Monday, April 16, 2012

Threads of Fate - There's more than 1 Dragon Boss In this Game (Mint Side)

Ok so lets get started on that Volcano.  To sum this up I needed to buy the next equipment upgrades to actually do some real damage and not die so easily.  Didn't learn that till after many many deaths here.  Well got a really annoying enemy that's fat and named Bubba....A little bit of stereotyping there.  Oh look its Belle with Hexagon and Duke.  Well This shouldn't be too hard......WRONG!!! DEAD WRONG!!!

To sum up at least an hour of this fight. That video pretty much says it.  Duke pretty much decides to Shoryuken you or do his punch of doom and leaves little to no room for breathing.  At the same time Belle will randomly fire off her fire spells and her robot Hexagon attempts to grab you to throw you to the other side of the small arena. While being thrown....Duke will most likely be there waiting for more Shoryukens of death....yep just like what most Ken players online.  Duke will spam his Shoryukens till you're dead.  

This wouldn't be so bad...but the only spell I know that will hit Explosion...I've tried every spell I have at the moment and nothing else seems to hit. Not to mention that Auto-Aim doesn't help as you tend to target Duke instead of Belle.  So after an hour of grinding......come back here and finnally deal some decent damage and make it to phase 2.  Where Duke can actually die.  Belle isn't that much trouble either same old spells.

Well climbing up the Volcano we meet Wylaf....the 2nd Dragon....(the first one being that Shoryuken spam).  Honestly he was easy to beat up.  Funny stuff though.  He'll stop at half health telling you to stop fighting....If you keep hitting him he'll kill you. Regardless of how much HP you have instant game over. I find it very funny that such an old RPG would do that.  Since its rare to see that even today.  

Well he's beaten...wait those thieves challenge me to a fight?  Oh fine....lets do this...Oh hey its that spikey haired dude....Oh I'm fighting him...."YOU FELL FOR MY TRAP CARD!!!" its you're own arena....And easy...We're you seriously holding back?  Cause that fight itself was pathetic.  And you walk away....Mint is mad.....the other 2 thieves need a drop kick to the face....

So to get the "Relic" the doll needs some more power...and to solve that problem....back to "Fancy Mel"  Oooh Lightning Magic....but I gotta beat this easy...but weird looking Chesire cat boss....ok....After some funny conversation things may finnally be looking up....but now looking suspicious. And no doubt something bad will happen next episode.