Thursday, April 5, 2012

UMvC3 - I'm unmotivated

I've been this way for quite awhile.  Depressed etc.  To be honest I don't exactly have a reason to play this game.  Well not play this game but more like....improve.  Training mode is rather useless and doesn't help me improve. I can't focus on one thing. A.I. doesn't push me as I know the A.I. faults.  Only thing they're useful for is showing me combos I don't see other players use.  If the game had a mode that was actually the Soul Calibur games with a mission mode and all that good stuff.  Not even a survival mode or Score attack.  Heroes and Heralds....not enough....

Add all the things I've said before on this subject.  Everyone on PS3, unfriendly players, etc.  Lets throw the matches I watch and play don't inspire me to play better.  Not even motivate me. I can't get motivated to bother improving myself in this game.  I don't have a reason to fight anymore as they say.  I can give this game this much that it lasted longer than I expected in my hands.  Maybe 3 people to play in this.  No strategies given on how to fight characters (I asked around and pretty much got no answer).  I don't care about combos they don't mean jack if you have no strategy to get in and land a hit. I could play lame and just spam projectiles but that leaves me felling empty inside. Glad I dropped that useless Wave/Plink Dashing technique that was getting on my nerves.  I only want to learn what's listed in the book. Not other crap.

The way things stand now why bother even improving my game?  Or even bother trying?  I don't have any motivation. Everyone's on PS3, very few friends, too many other fighters, no other players inspiring me to get better with there gameplay.

I can't think of any matches to make note of.  I broke in a new controller.  LT and RT do not respond on queue. Not that I care much.  I'm really unmotivated. Well got 2 other achievements this session.