Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Digimon World 4 Should Have Been Like (Gauntlet: Dark Legacy)

If any of you lived as long as I have (25 years) you may have came across a Gauntlet game at some point in your life.  Either in the arcade, or on the PSX, PS2.  What Gauntlet is...pretty much take TMNT famous arcade game and give it RPG elements.  That putting it roughly.  The old one back in 8-Bit days looked something like this. Honestly bad for my eyes cause its hard to see anything.  Generally you wandered around in a dungeon for hours till you died or made it to the end....Is there an end I have no idea.  I never finished the old game and played it only once on one of those PS2 compilation games.

Gauntlet Legends later in the years got released and turned into a famous arcade game.  In fact one of the more expensive arcade games as it generally costed you $1 per play.  But what this game sported was an actual save game data system in the arcade.  YES YOU HEARD RIGHT! Saving your data in the arcade.  Through entering your name and a password you were able to save your character's stats. This is one of the few games with the ability to do so. (NBA Hangtime to comes to mind with the same system) Not to mention the game looked amazing for its time. Sporting the same characters as back in the 8-Bit era but with a better look.

What later came during the dying age of Arcade games.  Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.  Sporting the same system as before but with far more characters.  Far more levels.

Moving to the Console

This game didn't exactly become well known moving to the console.  The NES version was completely forgotten that it existed.  The PSX/DC version of Gauntlet: Legends sported some secret characters but 4 players in one house was rather scarce since you required a multi-tap to play (and more than 2 people).  The same is said about the PS2/GC/Xbox version of Dark Legacy.  Probably the best thing about the console version was that there wasn't an inevitable game over forcing you to pay more money.  The Arcade version drained your life 1 HP a second generally to make sure you don't beat the game in a single credit run.  Add the fact that if you didn't know where the secret stuff was beforehand the bosses were pretty much hell to deal with.  You also were given a choice on which level you want to play.  Arcade was automatic advance.  Needless to say moving to the console this game was forgotten.

The Game Itself

The game itself while it will never look as good as the Arcade version.  Its still great especially if you have friends willing to play it with you.  The difficulty of this game is still there.  And there's an actual hard mode.  Bosses are generally unforgiving.  Generally if you want a semi-easier time you have to know and find the corresponding boss item to defeat them without too much difficulty.  Level size is generally random I found some stages that took me only 5 minutes other take me half an hour.  Fighting alone can get somewhat dull at times. Since this was before online play was invented no chance of finding friends willing to play this one. To make this game a bit more time consuming the guys at Midway added a few things like secret characters, but more importantly to beat the game, the 13 Runestones must be collected in order to beat the final boss.  Needless to say especially without a guide this will take a long time.  I like the game but its rather boring without friends to play with.