Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ammy BS That'll Never Work Cause No One Will Use It

For the main fact that hey have other stuff that's far simpler to do.

Wall Bounce Assist + Full Charge Thunder Edge M + Glaive Chop + Okami Shuffle (If near the opponent after add Thunder Edge Stab + Okami Shuffle)

Timing is hellish and requires a Wall Bounce Assist. (might be possible with a OTG assist but not gonna test it.) You have more freedom if your opponent is under Slow status, (Viewtiful Joe or Ammy Super).

Has a bit more freedom with it as you can pull this without assist.  But if you have trouble with weapon switching stay with simple stuff.


L, M, Crouching H, Jump Forward Quickly, jM, jM, jH, Head Charge H, 

(Almost any Assist), Okami Shuffle

S, Standard Air Combo

Weapon Switch Thunder Edge, Glaive Chain Combo, Divine Insturments

Weapon Switch Devout Beads, Rosary Chain Combo, 

Or Weapon Switch Devout Beads, Cold Star, Divine Insturments

Ammy does have a lot of freedom and you don't have to rely on Solar Flare basic Foward H.  Its the standard but its common and a lot of ppl know its coming.

A bunch of possibilities with with other assist.  Ammy works well any Assist.  Add that with proper execution (and proper weapon switching) You got the best character of the game.