Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chrono Trigger - Time Traveling Done Somewhat Right

Very Old Game that ended up with 2 remakes.  PSX and DS.  Game takes quite a bit to beat. Completing forget about it.  It also one of the older RPGs to feature New Game+.  To be honest I would call this game Final Fantasy 13 Beta in terms of battle system.  Attacks are based on distance, spread range, and loads of special attacks for everyone.  What makes this better is that a lot random battles and practically every boss fight is not just "Hit it till it dies."  There's a strategy of some type in every battle.  Makes Levels somewhat irrelevant to think about.

The PSX version rather irks me with load times.  It loads screens rather well but when it comes to loading certain cutscenes and battles the game takes quite a bit of time to load.  Very annoying to deal with.  Figuring out what to do is like old school RPGs in a sense. You get some vague hints as to what to do but that's about it.   You have to think in the manner of Time Travel for solving problems. Not like FF13-2 that was obvious as to where to go.  This game really forces you to think in manner of time travel to solve problems.

I actually beaten this game long ago in 2004 on my SNES Emulator.  Getting what's called the true ending (getting Chrono back defeating the black ship). Probably my favorite thing about this game is the abuse of time travel in terms of finding items.  The game literally wants you to abuse time travel for collecting items. Very fun.


Events I did affect cutscene outcome....WHAT IS THIS!!!

Anime Cutsenes....Ok. Just don't voice em.