Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Frustrating/Bad/Horrible/Just Straight up hard Boss Fights

Megaman X7 Xtreme Mode Red
In normal mode this boss like most in the game are a joke.  However...Xtreme Mode...Prepare for frustration. Not only does this guy have a ton of health. But he hits like a truck.  You already have to jump from platform to platform to either get away from his attacks or to attack him.  But he also counter attacks.  By the way his weakness is the most useless weapon in the game....Even in Zero's hands...this weapons is useless. Yep Explosion...the one where you have to be in the enemies face to use it.  Good luck with that.

Sonic 2006 Silver the Hedgehog
Virtually the only actual difficult boss of the game especially for your first time.  Not cause of the game's physics.  But because he's just hard.  You'll probably lose your first life discovering the hard way that you can't attack him directly cause he'll use his mastery of the force on you and throw you to the edge of the screen.  Don't get caught near a wall or in mid-air cause you won't recover fast enough to escape a follow-up attack cause he's already so close to you.  BTW he can throw you into space if you glitch the game.

SO4 Ethereal Queen
Generally Tri-Ace is nice about how you deal with bosses and let you decide on the method you wish to go about defeating them.  However in this game's case....Ethereal Queen is the super boss of the game and can kick your butt pretty quickly.  Not only are some of the characters rather useless.  But she kills them in 1 attack unless you're lucky enough to have your equipment effects kick in to save your life. At first this boss seems like another gang rape to win boss fight....but as it drags on....really towards the end of her life...she goes into pissy spam mode killing every character that's unlucky enough to be in her way.  Add to the games system of giving you super armor during Rush mode for characters and bosses....Unless you're Critical Hitting God....(Meracle)...she's gonna run through all of your attacks with some serious PMS.  Did I mention that she has 3 forms as well...yep after you beat her already tough 2 winged version....if you continue in the same dungeon you can fight 4 and 6 winged version of her.  Each of which are progressively tougher.  Oh and lets not forget the extra difficulty mode added to the game.....Are you crazy (or bored) enough to try? I'm not.

KH:BBS Mysterious Figure (US Version)
The reason I say US version cause apparently in the Final Mix Japanese version they fixed this S.O.B. to where you its a tad bit more fair.  At this point in the game (post game) your favorite commands  are rendered absolutely useless and will most likely get you killed.  You can try to develop a solid strategy for dealing with him....but really they're all just theory based.  You're chances of beating this guy is mostly luck.  Prepare to mash the Square button for a good bit of time cause that's what you'll mostly be doing.  Most of the bosses on this game will not flinch from your attacks.  This guy not only has moments of that but is also smart enough to randomly block most if not all of your attacks and recover health.  Lets not forget in of his moves drop your HP down to 1 or 0 with ease.  Oh spam Surges you say.  Well they're not exactly reliable either.  You're honestly better off guarding and fighting him with no commands.

Blue Dragon: Zola
This is just a really stupid boss fight that's really an event.  Every boss fight up to this point was pretty much kill the boss.  You're at the final boss. And guess what.  This is one of those you don't kill.  Yep if you kill her its game over.  Luckily the game is kind enough to give you a save point before this boss starts.  Gee we're so used to beating the snot out of traitors rather trollish putting this one here in the final boss.

ToGF Lamda Teos
Oh it just doesn't end.  A hidden boss in the game for those that want a challenge. Well you got one.  I hope you can survive long enough to hit the guy.  80% of the time (i'm being generous here) this guy will cast spells that you have to pray that you dodged correctly or die in some flashy animations.  What makes this worse is Lamda Teos can chain high level spells in succession.  Lets dodge Death Bringer and Shooting Stars and Indignation....spells that cover most if not all of the battle field. Needless to say there are cheap methods you can use to fight back...but I want a somewhat fair fight not a fight this guy and pray I don't die in the process.

ToGF Fodra Queen
2 Bosses from the same game?! Blasphemy!!!  While Fodra Queen pales in comparison to that of Lamda Teos.  She's pretty much fighting you with keep away tactics.  Her first form is generally lasers galore easy to's the problem though....Some of your moves....can't touch her cause of the way they move (Asbel in particular).  Don't get hit in this game cause getting hit in this game sometimes result in cheap stunlock death that you most likely won't break out of.  Her 2nd Form although easier is her putting everything into raw attack and smacking your party across the face with it.  Will it kill them...depends....If they're in her path...yeah hope that they dodge or block....Oh if you take too long when she's near death...she summons minions....doesn't sound like a big deal but they're the bosses you fought before even getting here.  The ones that fought you with major numbers and could pretty much kill you if you're not watching what they're doing.  That's not the last of it.  Although somewhat cool she has her own uber attack that she'll trigger with no warning.  It generally drops your HP to dismal numbers but if you're trying to go for the cool ending you have to remember the correct buttons.  If you mess up before the're entire most likely dead. 

TotA Liger Queen (Unknown Mode)
What sounded like a good idea that the time...fares badly.....Its not the fact that his boss is too hard or anything.  I mean its only the first boss of the game.  The problem is your party is no where near strong enough to kill this thing in Unknown Mode.  Her stats are so high you're generally doing 1 damage a hit (its HP is 35,700) you're gonna be here for a LONG WHILE!!!  Unless you actually glitched the game and hunted down some stronger're gonna be here for who knows how long.  I don't really know anyone crazy enough to fight this thing in Unknown Difficulty.  

Threads of Fate Cloud Whale
What would be a good boss is ruined by a horrid camera angle and the odds are against you.  You're on a raft.  If you fall in the water you take damage. If you get eaten you take damage and this guy recovers health.  Oh and it summons little annoying minions.  This wouldn't be so bad....but Mint is fighting. Fighting this boss has a very awkward weak spot that thanks to the camera angle you might end up hurting yourself in the process of attacking. Problem with Mint's spells. They have a bad startup time.  If you position yourself at the spot and charge the attack early you can hit the Cloud Whale otherwise you take damage or you completely miss.  

Dead or Alive 4 Alpha-152
DoA series is always known for having a boss fight that generally cheap and kicks you're butt from 1 side of the world to another.  Alpha-152 not only does that but she looks so sexy doing it that I wouldn't doubt you'll be staring at her (among other things I'm not at liberty to say) instead of your life bar.  Not only is her A.I. smart enough to block and counter.  1 Combo, 1 Throw is pretty much half your life bar gone.  In a way you have to get lucky to or have godlike reflexes to catch her off guard and hope that you're moves aren't obvious enough that she'll counter you.  BTW one of her throws....she breaks your neck then blast with Ki energy...all while looking sexy. 

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