Monday, May 21, 2012

Megaman X4 Zero Side

Just recorded at random.  I honestly tried to think of some funny stuff but can't really come up with much.  Heck I'm even lazy about it. I'll get to uploading the raw data later.  I still don't feel like myself in all honesty.

Honestly so far in this run I actually did rather well compared to normal Zero runs.  Derp Moment on Frost Walrus.  But got the main one I was worried about Magma Dragoon in 1 go.  I don't like Zero mainly due to popularity he gets when its rather undeserved.  For one the game is Called Megaman/Rockman X.  So the story is focused on X not Zero. Really Zero gets some background story to explain why he's still here.  He doesn't really do much in the series till he got his own. But that's my opinion.  In X4 Zero has a harder time dealing with some areas.  Only advantage he has is a double jump.  The rest of his moves aren't all too useful. Unless you're forcing yourself to use them you won't really see much except maybe Ryuiejin.

Zero really has issues with bosses.

-Cyber Peacock (Need Ryuejin)
-Slash Beast (Good Luck you don't have a weakness for him.)
-Magma Dragoon (Same as Slash Beast)
-Web Spider (Luckily he's not too tough to deal with.)
-General (The fact that you have to get in his face is an issue.)

Update later

What I thought up so Far.  (You can See it in the Raw Video)

  • Cyber Peacock Ranking A.S.S. 
  • Commenting on every useless move Zero has (I generally forced myself to use most of them)
  • Colonel so much better than Zero (Rockman.exe reference)
  • Damnit Iris!!!
  • Zero having nightmares of dying in UMvC3 every night

Guess there's a Use For This Now