Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Strider 1 and 2 Notes

Strider's an old Arcade that was pretty popular in the old days.  About a ninja named Strider Hiryu who's mission is to stop the evil "Grand Master".  Grand Master has pretty much taken over the world and to end his tyranny its Hiryu's job to assassinate him.

While a very short game. (5 levels) This game is very difficult as it was meant to consume quarters.  The old arcade version the controls were rather unique.  Instead of jumping normally with a button you used the stick to jump.  However the real kicker was making a full length jump.  To do that you had to basically rotate the stick 180.  While you may think you won't have to use that there's a lot of areas where its required or you watch Hiryu fall to his doom.  To make things even more difficult the game has a time limit per stage along with many traps that require you to think fast and get out of dodge.  Probably the most unforgiving thing about the game was the recoil you had from taking damage.  If you're moving sometimes you either be pushed back like 8-Bit Megaman. Or you do a tumble (roll) that last a long time with no way to break out of it.  This was dangerous on steep inclines as you kept rolling generally to the bottomless pit unable to recover till its too late. Power-Up management was also a must as there are sections that are nearly impossible to escape unscathed without them.    No doubt dollars upon dollars of quarters were consumed in this game during the arcade days.

Probably the only advantage you had against this was your slash attack could be easily rapid fired like Megaman's Mega-Buster.  This destroyed most bosses, enemies with pure ease.  It was also the safest way to move about. If you memorize the game and confident with the controls you could speedrun the game easily. But the game was still difficult if you're not careful.  It takes a lot of practice to master this game.  A lot more than some people think.

Unforgiving and stupid deaths rampant.


  • Ton-Pooh: Ton-Pooh is the assist character you see in Mavel vs Capcom. She does a kick that slices simaller to Strider's sword. She's actually a group of sister with the whole chinese stereo-type thing goin for them. They're virtually easy to deal with.
  • Emperor Dragon - The first boss of the game.  Really a group of robots that form into a dragon and chase you.  Very easy to kill honestly.  
  • Solo: A bounty hunter that was hired to hunt Hiryu.  In the first game he's actually pretty tough due to the area you fight him on with limited ground. While he fly around and shoot you. 
  • Admiral Wilhelm: While you don't see him much in the first game he's actually the captain of a warship.  He doesn't fight you in the first game.  However in Strider 2 he actually fights you.
  • Grand Master: The actual boss of the game. His knowledge magic and Government has helped him to easily take over the world, Military and economy.  As a boss in the first game he's generally hard to deal with as his attacks home in on Hiryu. You can somehow glitch this boss to die at the same time you do but its a rare glitch.

Strider 2

About 2000 years after Strider 1 (The year is 2048).  The Grand Master has risen again to take over the world once again. But this time he corrects his mistake and eliminates the ninja clan known as Striders.  Only leaving Hien alive to serve him. But somehow Hiryu survives and still intends to complete his mission to assassinate the Grand Master. The Grand Master rules everything including Striders. Hiryu is the world's only hope.

The game's difficulty has scaled back quite a bit. With improved controls, physics, and a more forgiving difficulty this game is far easier in comparison to its first game. Your score is based on kills, speed, and special bonuses you find in each stage. Hiryu also has 2 new moves that easily break the game.

  • Savage Slash: An aerial slash move that cuts all around Strider. Rather broken especially against bosses since its spammable.
  • Boost Mode: For a Limited time you're granted a homing slash attack that shoots plasma wave at the enemy. Perfect for bosses and hard to reach enemies.
You can also set your life amount and difficulty of the game. To make this as easy or hard as you like.

Bosses (important characters)
  • Ton-Pooh:  These girls are back again with more enhancements. 
  • Emperor Dragon: Unlike the old version of this boss from the first game. Instead of punch of androids forming into a dragon it now is a dragon with far more attacks and able fly at higher altitudes.
  • Solo: With more upgrades makes him a far dangerous threat than his older version (Yeah right).
  • Admiral Wilhiem: Still the leader of his army he now runs an entire fleet of warships.  Instead of being a 1 hit kill boss from the first game. He now has enhancements done to himself that makes him an actual threat and allows him for actual combat.
  • Herzog Schlange: 2nd in Command to the Admiral he runs an impenatrable stronghold where weapons the military's weapons are mass-produced.
  • Strider Hien: Since the Grand Master has taken over the world he has conquered the Striders as well. Hien now serves as the Grand Master's right hand man. He is unsure about fighting Hiryu but will perform his job to protect the grand master at all cost. Instead of the Cipher sword Hiryu uses. Hien uses a different type of sword that acts as a boomerang and a butterfly sword.
  • Grand Master: Now that he rules the world. He's discovered that Hiryu is still alive. The grand master however feels he's prepared for his return and will kill him with his own hand.

Notable Cameos And Funny Stuff
  • Admiral Wilhiem's attacks are simaller to that of Colonel's from Megaman X4. Particularly his lightning attack.
  • Hien's charging slash attack is used later in the years by Zero. In Megaman X8 Zero's Raikousen is very similar to Hien's attack.
  • In Strider 2. The Hassou Jump is used in Marvel vs Capcom as Strider's Excalibur attack.
  • The Eagle's and the Sabretooh Tiger's Strider uses in the MvC series are objects from the first Strider game.  They do not show at all in the 2nd game.
  • The sub-boss "Researchers" attacks were based off of J.Talbain(Gallon) from Darkstalkers and Blanka from Street Fighter.
  • Scaling walls in the 2nd game are made easier by simply mashing jump and up constantly.
  • The cutscenes in the 1st game used both Japanese and English voice clips.