Saturday, May 12, 2012

Threads of Fate Fancy Mel and Ghost Temple

I didn't really update on this before. If you've seen Mint's story you kinda already know what's goin on. Just like with Mint's story Fancy Mel's place is mini game world.  Only real problem with this world can't really use monsters to your advantage.  They take more damage than Rue does (depending on the monster).  Well try to have fun and make this Gargoyle's Quest. LOL

A bit of background on Rue's story afterwards fight the same bandits again and we're pretty much done here.

Next story.  Ghost Temple rather different. Instead of a poorly built boss fight. We got a rather poorly built dungeon where camera angles make you miss some things.  Seriously even a jump that you most likely won't make easily.  Like I mentioned before the monster forms have there own defense stats, etc.  Very easy to die etc. While the dungeon puzzle is Zelda obvious. Some parts are still difficult to figure out.  Ok what's Elena doing here?  You gotta be kidding me.  Oh look its Duke.....He's read the flowchart of Ken.  And Apparently learned SF3 Akuma's Super as well.  Well after dealing with that....time to get the hell out of here before a wall crushing trap kills all 3 of us.  So now we know how things went for Rue's side while Mint dealt with crappy camera angle boss.  Only real difference here is that Mint didn't act like a smart-aleck as much in her story as she did here.

For the extra bit we do some backtracking to get a key item which to exchange for a power up. That's pretty much it.  Next that dreaded Volcano with SHORYUKEN!!!!