Monday, May 14, 2012

Threads of Fate - Rue Side: Push On To The End

Yeah considering this game is short.  Lets just go straight to the end in 1 day.  Heck honestly I could speed run it if I had the patience.  We go from the Raging Mountain to the Ending.

Raging Mountain

Funny intro for this....Mint opted out going to the Raging Mountain.  Very Funny.  Hard to say who I had it worse with as Mint was a first run.  Here its hard to say.  Anyway....Bubba FTW.  OMG that thing raped.  And it has a troll face (if you zoom in on it).  Needless to say Duke, Belle, and Hexagon went down with rather pure ease.  Even Wylaf went down rather quick. Wylaf is still awesome as ever.  Get challenged by Trap Master.....who still sucks....He met Bubba. LOL (why does that sound like a stereotype prison inmate who does the you know I'm old). Psycho Master also met Bubba.

Tower of Maya

About to get the relic only to have another story change as opposed to Mint's story. Prima Doll did a Heroic Sacrifice....Then we see Rue's True power.  Rue gets rescued some behind the scenes stuff gets explained. Rue gets trolled.  A somewhat interesting take this time was that Rue himself goes alone in the tower.  Trap Master barred the door. Purposely hit the door for more text conversation.  Very funny.  Making it to the top. Doll Master reveals a plot twist.  Rue goes Super mode.  Scripted Fight Go!!!!  You Lose!!!!  Welcome to book world....thank god this book world isn't as bad as Zexion's book world.  Boss Character explains more background story and then boss fight.  Doll Master pulls a Terumi....(I hate using that term cause Terumi wasn't the first troll or the original. He's honestly far from it).  Well now what do we do.

Final Battle?

So the other Dolls only follow Doll Master as a term of repayment for giving them a purpose. Makes there story rather understanding.  Very simple and no added detail needed. Surprisingly Unlike Mint's Side you actually go to talk to everyone and they have something to say to Rue about saving the world.  Rue feeling unsure of himself etc.  You know what....Lets go See Wylaf.....some damn good words of wisdom. We got the ability to turn into Wylaf...AWESOME....only 1 use....awww man....No Mint you can't come.

Final Dungeon (Many Recording Issues)

Thank God I already knew what to do but dang you DVD's....gonna have to buy some better quality DVD-RWs.  Shame I can't turn into a behemoth.  Oh well.  These forms here are rather OP anyway.  LOL Pyscho Master vs Bubba....Found out Bubba doesn't stagger and he'll take all the hits of an attack.  Rematch with Doll Master......I lived with 1 HP.  Doll Master has a name as well. Ok......That's fine.  Valen sorta of troll design boss fight. Float around while my minion that revives quickly attacks you.  2nd Form was far easier.  Just smack him.  Shame I can't jump slash him.  Makes no sense.


Rather surprise ending for Rue's side.  Seriously considering all the stuff he went through plus how Mint's side ended. I expected a different result.  What's cool is beating both sides gets an extra ending.  Some ppl would probably think...oh we're getting a sequel....But its not that type of ending.  I've played enough games and seen enough shows to know that much.  You can make a sequel off this but I rather they don't.  Some things are better left as is.

Extra Ending (Spoilers As If It wasn't Already Implied)

Many ppl are complaining I honestly don't care this game has proper closure doesn't need a sequel to follow it. If it does get a sequel.  It should be of characters that are unrelated to these guys.  Its very obvious that the ones in this game are living happily ever after.  They pretty much got what they want and they're all still rather happy. (Seriously did you really think Maya was gonna get her wish of World Domination? That was obviously not happening.)