Friday, May 18, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Fighting Game Glitches So Far

Fighting Games have a massive amount of Glitches.  What's funny is that a lot of broken glitches end up losing that term and called legit.  Others just get banned or patched out.  Here's a list of my Top 10.

Honorable Mentions

  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3: Multi-Fatality, Babality, Friendship, etc. Glitch
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3: Gen Super Punch Glitch
  • Street Fighter 4: Bison vs Akuma Ultra Glitch
  • Castlevania Judgement: Cornell Teleport outside wall glitch
  • Marvel vs Capcom: Dramatic Battle Mode Glitch
  • Marvel vs Capcom 3: Glitch of Doom


·      10) Street Fighter X Tekken: Rolento Last Resort Tactics

In the latest patch of SFxT when the rather broken stuff (Like Megaman’s float, Kazuya’s infinite, etc.) was patched out. We ended up with a new problem.  Now if Rolento’s knife throw hits a projectile the game freezes. Forcing you to shut down your console entirely.

·      9)  Marvel vs Capcom 2: Gambit’s Infinite Royal Flush

A glitch not very likely to happen.  If Gambit fights 3 Servebots and they just happen to do a LVL 3 team super (not King Servebot) having Gambit perform his Royal Flush super against it will result in an infinite combo.  This doesn’t happen in later version however.

·       8)  Blazblue CS Vers. 1.03: Tager Double Gadget Finger

What isn’t considered a glitch by many and what isn’t considered a threat by many.  If your opponent is holding down after the first Gadget Finger connects Tager can land a 2nd one ignoring the fact that you’re pulled out of the down state.  Rather broken as this can ruin anyone that intend to either buffer, or start with a crouching move.   The A.I. knows this abuses this glitch rather often. I guess that’s why players don’t care for this one.

(Note: As far as my knowledge this is still possible in the later version of Blazblue CS Extend.)

·       7)  Street Fighter Alpha 3: Katobbi Cancel

Patched out in later versions.  Guy and Rolento can perform certain moves then cancel into V-Ism Custom combo to not only be invincible until the guage runs empty (or attacks). But you are also counted as still jumping and pressing forward. You can mash whatever attack you wish during this. If you win the match with this glitch the game will be unable to continue forcing you to restart.

(Note: Blazblue: Calamity Trigger also had a version of this glitch with Jin’s “Ice Car” move and any attack that could properly clash with it.)

·        6)  King of Fighters XI: Vanessa’s Forbidden Eagle Infinite Glitch

Activate Her MAX Puncher Leader Dream Move then perform the C version of Forbidden Eagle. If you do this after a certain number of hits the Judgement Guage will shift in favor of the opponent. 

·        5)  Dissidia Final Fantasy: Duodecim Link Glitch

Not considered a glitch by many because it’s a beneficial glitch.  Certain characters particularly projectile characters can link a long range projectile to a short range move allowing it to combo and even at times reset the damage scaling (yes there is damage scaling). 

·       4) Guilty Gear XX Slash: Dust Cancel Glitch

Jumping D (Dust) can cancel into itself on the first frame. Resulting weird stuff. Particullary floating away off the screen until time runs out. There’s very few moves that can hit an opponent that’s floated off screen due to this glitch.

(Note: SFxT PS3 version has this glitch with Megaman. It was patched out recently.)

·      3)  Soul Calibur 5: When did this become Smash Bros.?

Ivy’s Ivy's 2B+K clashing with certain opponents causes the opponent to launch off like a rocket off the screen into a ring out. 

(Note: This puts her old SC4 glitch of infinite juggling to shame).

·        2)  Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Axis Glitch

Very long to explain.  Basically this ends up leaving you able to view one character from the front during a match.  Even more so if you trigger certain Hypers you can end up in what’s called the reverse world. Sadly this got patched out. 

·     1) Street Fighter 4: Ken Superfreeze

If a fireball is thrown then Ken’s Ultra hits first. The fireball will hit the opponent knocking them out of Ken’s Ultra combo.  What happens is that not only you get your opponent acting funny for a few seconds but Ken moves in total slow motion performing his ultra. 

You can search these glitches on Google or Youtube.  And these are just only my favorites.  For many reasons.  But its funny a lot of these glitches go unnoticed and even some get used and called legit (there's quite few for SF that end up being called legit and skilled).  The rest takes fans of the series to complain about to the company to release a patch and fix the game. Although that last part is minor as its usually complaints about nerfing a character cause they see too much of that character and they're unwilling to attempt to work around it.  I love glitches seeing them always gives me a laugh.