Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Uh...Okay??? This is...Different? Glad I don't have an Iphone (EA did something)

On May 31st Anyone who actually bought Rockband for there Iphone will lose access to this game. Yep apparently your downloaded game on your Iphone will be blocked from playing it although you paid 5 bucks for it. (4.99).  What's the reason?  Well from what I know and read thus far. No notable reason, just theories and speculations.   Did you waste a good $5 on a useless App/Game like this one?  Well luckily there's a way you can refund and redeem yourself.  Simply by checking out  (You wanna find the exact link do a little digging. Not gonna spoon feed you).

Don't abuse this.  There are good apps out there and the people that make these deserve money too.