Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wait WHAT?!!!

Messing Around Here: http://www.hypnoid.com/EM_entropy/

You do not realize how uncertain you really are about your place in society and the status of your personal relationships. This unconscious uncertainty will lead you to avoid conflict and stress even when such behavior can be damaging to your own self interests. There is a feeling that the problems of life must simply be endured.

 To others you will likely seem introverted and suspicious. Disappointment has lead you  to withdraw from the world and to seek solace in yourself. You have a naturally naive and excitable personality that has previously led you astray or has caused problems socially.  You are often afraid of your own enthusiasm. A constant fear of being exploited has lead you to a natural cynicism and suspicious attitude.

Ok....kinda hit the nail on the head there....