Saturday, June 16, 2012

FFXIII-2 100% Complete

Well It was very annoying to 100% this game.   How annoying....The last few things I had to do was:

-All Monsters Fragment (Honestly not that bad my luck was great)
-Don Tonberry (Very Lucky There)
-All Endings (Just Simple)
-5 Star Jet Bahamut
-10k in winnings at Serendipty (WTF)

All monsters was stupidly simple.   My luck was awesome.  Found the rare monsters right away. Most of them I didn't even know where they were just caught em. The ones I looked up came rather quickly.

Don Tonberry I MEAN CAIUS 2.0!!!! catch....didn't take that long.  Really I didn't expect to get it right away...Especially when I killed it in like a minute. (Game time).

All Endings was seriously simple As its gonna happen.

5 Star Jet Bahamut I loled.  My proto-Behemoth can jump!!!  LMAO.....I went How is that possible!!!

10k Winnings at Serendipty....THE ABSOLUTE STUPIDEST ACHIEVEMENT TO BE CREATED FOR AN FF GAME!!! Almost as bad as EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF equipment! (See FF13)  I originally thought I got it during slots. Cause I won at least 9k in coins while leaving it on auto and drawing stuff (which I threw in the garbage).  So I had to chocobo it.....really really dumb achievement....I really dislike watching my chocobo race.  I mean its A/A but still....I have sit through the race I don't really win anything of importance during it.  Other than that.....this game is complete....I have nothing to do....DLC....unless its bought for me....not originally intending to acquire it.  All the DLC is rather....uninteresting IMO.  I mean kill the bosses...get rather OP monsters that generally have no use in the game cause you already beat the game and everything in it LOL!!!....Like I said....Needs a true NEW GAME+/HARD MODE!!!! (Paradox Scope doesn't = Hard Mode).

Well I guess I can grind some monsters to make my favorite monster of each role.... Already made a favorite monster for the Sentinel Role rather great.  The rest are gonna take forever....Especially Commando and Ravager.