Monday, June 4, 2012

June - FF13-2, Other Stuff, And I Don't Really Know what to post here

Ok.   So New month June has started.  Not much to talk about.  Not really looking forward to anything.
So apparently I'm supposed to answer the phone when it comes to waiting for a job interview????  That's what my answering machine is for isn't it?  I mean I'm not gonna apply for a job, then sit and wait by the phone when I could be applying for another job.  Otherwise that Answering machine is just another paper weight.

Still sorting out my depression bit.  I think I'm one of those who would have to take some pills....hearing other ppl talk about what they went through really didn't help. Well its nice to know that some ppl have the same thoughts as me but listening to the stories made me think, "I don't wanna hear this crap anymore!"

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (The Story So Far) LOL

Anyway netted FF13-2 (FF XIII-2) for 20 bucks.  I don't have any DLC.  Not planning on it either its a space eater on 360's HD.  Installing the game left me with 1 Gig of space (Deleted all my Sonic Unleashed DLC).  Glad its 1 disc though.  A save file is 24MB (WHY?????).  Like its predecessor the graphics are good enough that they can sit on an SD screen with no problem.  They included a text size option so I can read a lot of the menu crap with no real problems.  (THANK GOD!!!)  To be honest the game feels short.  You're spending most of your time collecting monsters (GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!!!).  Still my biggest problem with the game  and its probably worst shortcoming. Is the story of how they transitioned from FFXIII to FFXIII-2.  To sum it up its like this.

FF13-2: We know you saw the ending in FFXIII however.....It didn't happen that way.


FF13-2: Well we can and we did.  All thanks to the power of TIME MAGIC!!!!

Me: Dude we all saw Lightning there happy.....she can't just disappear suddenly.

FF13-2: TIME MAGIC!!!!

I already know the story for the most part....The main key parts anyway not the small itty-bitty details.   Seeing Lightning and Caius at the very start of the game....made me think...."LETS HAVE SOUL CALIBUR 5 FIGHT RIGHT NOW!!!"  Seriously Caius himself looks like a reject Sephiroth that couldn't make it so he went to a convention for Soul Calibur and showed off his Soul Edge knock off and well now he's here.  Also he seems to have this thing about putting his swords eye in your face....


Lightning looks like a random Soul Calibur character creation that someone spent at least 5 hours making.  Serah doesn't look too bad but I prefer her old outfit compared to this...I know it'll allow her to move more freely but I like her old outfit better.  Noel looks like the unused character from Kingdom Hearts.  He would honestly fit right in with the KH crew as well.

Anyway catching Monsters is a pain...its worse than the RNG of Pokemon catching.  For one if push came to shove you could cheat can catch it anyway no one would care.  And the encounter rates were decent that you couldn't complain.  This game really trolls you when it comes to catching monsters.  Right now (In terms of main game) the only way to increase your chances of catching a monster is to kill it with your Feral Link.  The best percentage I got was a 300% attack that's pretty weak. It doesn't help that Noel and Serah can become overpowered (unless you didn't use the Crystarium) making your chances even worse.  The encounter rate is rather trollish as well. Sitting the rare encounters to the side, If you're looking for 1 particular monster you would think its in the same spot where you fought it.....nope.  At random times they'll be replaced with different monsters most likely ones you don't want. This is where hours and hours of the game will go.

FF13-2: You mad bro!!!

Me: -_-  Wish I had 99x Ultra Balls so I can fail 99 times and rage reset the game and try again.

Bosses aren't too hard yet.  I haven't really found much that with the power of grinding can't fix.  Also surprises me that I only filled about an hour of DVD space (2 hours).  And not that many bosses. The thing I'm really glad for is that the game doesn't have massive loads of backtracking and the characters themselves aren't really taking note of the scenery unless necessary.  I more or less can live without the Cinematic Action scenes. Reminds me of Resident Evil 4 a lot...QUICK PRESS THIS BUTTON TO NOT DIE!!! Music is entertaining and I don't have this feeling of "are we there yet".

Probably my favorite bell and whistle is the live action bit and paradox endings.  Making comedic answers and the Paradox endings are total knock offs of other popular movies, games, tv shows, etc. LOL.

That's about it. I'm trying to stream it whenever I can.  Not counting on it though.