Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Favorite Fighting Game Intros

In my opinion if you have a good Intro in a fighting game then you're gonna have a very good fighting game.  Honestly in the past its what caught my eye to play these games.  That and watching the demo fights.  Gonna try and list every one I can think of.  Unfortunately don't look forward to seeing much if any of todays fighters on this list as I find most of them either boring or they just don't have one.

Virtua Fighter 4 (NO Not the Expansion pack)

This really brought me back to my memories of Virtua Fighter 2.  Heck it used to be my training music when I was younger.  Thinking back to how close to real Virtua Fighter was than any other fighting game in existance knowing that all these styles of fighting actually exist and these moves are very much possible to perform in real life.  This was one of those intros that instantly made me pick up the game and play it for years.....

Tekken 5

After skipping Tekken 4 and not seeing another Tekken let alone another fighter for years.  Tekken 5 comes out shows this crazy intro.  Just from watching it you knew that something epic was going to happen here.  Even the theme song was one of my favorites to always listen to.

Tekken 2

I could never understand the words at the beginning but it was always awesome seeing our favorite characters prep. Even the graphics for its time were great.

Psychic Force 

When Anime was just starting to get big in the US.  (When most of use would only talk about DBZ, Pokemon, Gundam.)   This game ignited a spark in a lot of ppl's hearts pretty much goin. OMG ITS LIKE DRAGON BALL Z!!!  Honestly its a shame this game didn't go very far.  Probably one of the most unique fighting systems I ever played.

Bloody Roar Primal Fury

Kept it short an simple here.  These are the characters here.  Heck honestly made me think of this as being an intro to an anime.   Yugo at the end giving us a teaser transforming.

Marvel vs Capcom (Arcade) (Really the entire Marvel vs Series up to MvC2)

Honestly it feels like this intro itself is hypnotizing you to put your quarter into the machine.  When someone isn't playing it.  Its like the loudest machine in the entire arcade.  Even a quick demo to show you how crazy the game can get.  MSHvsSF was the same way.  X-Men vs SF as well.  Having the dynamic intro.  X-Men vs SF having Ryu and Cyclops get ready to shake hands.  MSHvsSF having Apocalypse and a Sillhouette of Cyber-Akuma.  Then you have MvC2 list every fighter in the game and everything the game is capable of.  Just loving.

Guilty Gear X2/XX (Console)

For an anime intro....this game takes the cake on it.  Showing off all the characters in the game.  Then having our famous Sol vs Ky clash at the very end.  If you played Guilty Gear in the past.   You already knew....OMG ITS GUILTY GEAR!!! TIME TO GET OUR EPIC MATCHES ON!!!

Blazblue CT/ Blazblue CS (Arcade Intro)

Although can't amount up to the Guilty Gear Intros.  This game does let you know. Its time to fight.  Its gonna get epic better get ready...

Soulcalibur 2
Out of the entire SC series this has to be my top favorite opening of them all. (I personally prefer the GC one as Link was rather useful compared to the other 2 console exclusive characters). The characters showing off there personality and fighting skills even being story related as to what they're doing in the game.

The King Of Fighters XIII

Not since KoF XIII have I been excited for another KoF game. The intro itself showed me its time to reveal another new character and end another arc in its storyline. Seeing Kyo and Iori standing there ready to fight is very epic as well.

An intro can easily suck you into a fighting game.  these days....the companies just don't really seem to care.  Yeah its nice to focus on the system and appeal to fighters. But honestly if you ask me.  If the intro is subpar or meh....Then the game itself probably isn't worked on too much.  This is probably due to the fall of arcades in the US.  But really you gotta convince me why I should I play this game.  Sometimes an intro maybe all you need to get ppl to buy.