Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summary of Fighters Uploaded #2

This one we'll just feature Samurai Showdown.  As there's 6 games to run though. Since its Samurai Showdown Anthology. However I will be using the Xbox version for Samurai Showdown V(5).  Samurai Showdown is a series where instead of being all about combos. You need to be patient and land hits.  Someone can tell you...That you have to learn combos. Well that's wrong IMO.  A single hit can inflict well over half your life.  While it does have a combo system its not exactly the first thing you gotta learn (I honestly think that you never need to learn combos). Really you need to learn what you can punish and how to create openings.  While its a SNK game and really there's a lot of ppl that dislike SNK for the fact that its bosses and AI can be rather unforgiving and not fall for cheap tricks.  A.I. like this is rare.  Samurai Showdown loves to punish you for making unsafe/aggressive moves.  So the main priority instead of learning how to combo is to learn how to create an opening.

Samurai Showdown 1

The absolute most basic of all 6 no doubt. Heck the game itself is basic.  The only thing that separates this from your classic Street Fighter 2 aside from weapon based combat, is the Rage Meter.  No we didn't have super for this yet.  However when the rage meter is full you do a lot more damage.  However since Anthology used the Neo-Geo/PSX/Arcade version. Hit detection is rather....ugh.  There's quite a few attacks that should hit more than they should however due to the invincibility frames given on when you take damage from certain attacks.  The main part of certain attacks miss completely.  What I find neat about the game however is the dude in the background judging the fight like its a points match.  The Command List for this game not only is the input time very strict and unforgiving about mistaken inputs. The inputs themselves were very insane for its time.  From Half-circle forwards, to 6123+Mid-Slash (No I don't mean a DP I mean forward, down-back, down, down-forward).  Its honestly hard to tell who's the best character in the game as there's some character's who have a lot of moves and some characters who have well 2 moves. The neat little tidbit this game did while SF2 did this was environment objects getting sliced or crushed during play.  While SF2 did this by having characters smash into them these objects on SS looked more in the background and foreground of the game getting sliced.   I find the SNES version of this game was far better as a lot of bugs were fixed and the commands seemed rather "user-friendly".   I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you traded in this game or never played it again for other fighters as this game had a LONG way to go before things got good.

I spent well over 3 hours trying to beat the game.  Being randomly stopped by the unforgiving A.I. They will seriously learn to stop your attacks in there tracks even with something so mediocre as a random throw.  Lets not add to the fact that they abuse moves that have tons of invincibility frames and are very safe on block.  While I could possibly do the same thing....the A.I. is just that good.  If people say you can't learn anything from the A.I. they are dead wrong.  This A.I. taught me that any female or ninja type character breaks the game.  While you could say you're using the same moves as the A.I.  The A.I. uses them better with godlike reaction time.  The boss his or herself is luckily defeated by A.I. exploits.  Yeah winning by time is lame but its better than getting whooped by moves that have a ton of priority over your own not to mention inflicts even more damage.  Gonna be a lot of editing here.

Samurai Showdown 2

A large improvement over the previous game.  Adding more characters and easier commands to pull....well except for the 2 ninja's Galford and Hanzo....We now have the incorporation of supers during rage mode. So now its like CvS2(Capcom vs SNK 2)'s K-Groove even more.  To add to managing to connect with a super.  You also break your opponents weapon so they're stuck with no weapon for a bit until one is randomly thrown on the stage.  However what I dislike is that the game brought over a bit of auto-correct system....which basically corrects your commands in case of mistaken input.  That would be nice....but when your inputting supers often times you end up with a different move instead. Thank you auto-correct for giving me a DP when I myself entered half-circle, forward.  

Genjuro was my character here.  I love his rekka moves.  Unforntunately during the playthrough....the A.I. learned that apparently you can throw him out of it regardless of the situation. You can even block it after the first hit???? What? What happened to all my stun after the first slash hit?  Heck why didn't the 3rd slash hit at all?  This makes no sense.  Mizuki....sporting that SNK Boss Syndrome here.  Even pulled a bit of what everyone does with Vergil now.  Beam assist, teleport behind, strike.  Seriously unfair and her demon dog just adds to the pain.  At least this run didn't take 3 hours. only took one hour this time.

Samurai Showdown 3

Adding another improvement to this game.  Actually one of my favorite additions that gets removed in the 5th game. Instead of adding a ton of characters, the game adds a Slash and Bust system.  Basically if you want character version A or Character Version B.  It also added 3 set modes to add to that style. Beginner, Medium or Super. Beginner gave you auto-guard ability  (up to 5 attacks).  Super removed the ability to block but you gained unlimited POW meter meaning your attacks had great attack power behind them and you could always do a super.  If you're thinking that mode is useless cause you need to guard. Lets not forget the game also has the ability to dodge and move behind the opponent.  The game does have fatalities but they're much harder to pull off in the game.  You didn't waste too much time in this game however as matches were quicker than its predecessors. This is cause the damage inflicted by counters, etc, were increased. Probably one of the better characters added to the game IMO would be Rimururu.  Yep in replacement of Charlotte we now have another Ruru.  Being just as quick as her sister Nakoruru she brings her own tricks to the table. We also have Shizumaru while he didn't shine too much in this game he does bring some easy multi-hit attacks to the table not to mention some rather unorthodox attacks.  While random items are still thrown about in the game. Its more of a punishment for cowardly tactics.  You generally won't see items thrown about unless someone is blocking constantly when they can clearly dodge and/or counter.  The same thing applies if someone tries to run the clock.  Special Note: If you try to run the clock on the very last battle not only will Zankuro play total rush down but the game doesn't allow you to win by time for that fight and will count as a loss for you.

I use Shizumaru since he was my favorite in the past.  Generally cause when I first saw this in the arcade I also caught view of Samurai Pizza Cats anime.  I liked the dude with the umbrella and thought wow these weapons are actually awesome.  Also catching someone playing in the arcade fighting against Shizumaru who pretty much countered with spinning his umbrella constantly.  I thought this dude was always awesome even if he looks rather....scrawny and girlish.  I was actually doing pretty well till I got caught up in fighting the clone battle and Zankuro.  Zankuro hits like an angry father abusing his child.  While being the most fair (and human) of the SS bosses.  He himself is probably the hardest.  So after about 40 minutes of him I just said screw it and switched back to Genjuro.  

Samurai Showdown 4

Probably the most played and most fun of the Samurai Showdown Games.  While Still featuring the Slash/Bust system.  The game also features Rage Explosion. Basically a last ditch effort to finish the opponent with a limited time rage mode.  Probably the system that everyone seems to like is the combo slash.  This was because after awhile players figured out that besides a long combo. You could actually make an infinite combo with pure ease.  Compared the older 3 games, the matches here go much faster so less of chance to win by running the clock.  The arcade mode was a little different.  Instead of just running through matches your matches are determined by how fast you win your matches. You have a set time limit to make it to the end.  If you make it to the last fight beyond the time limit. You'll fight a different boss and get the bad ending.  Getting under the time grants you to fight the final boss.  If you're under a great amount of time you fight 1 or 2 extra bosses of the game.  To execute fatalities if you hit with a strong slash as a counter its possible to enter the command for a fatality listed on screen.  

Generally the first time I made it pretty much using only 1 character. Without feeling I have to swtich.  Even Zankuro wasn't too hard unlike SS3.  This was honestly a good day.

Samurai Showdown 5

What I find is the most play SS game out of all 6. Removing the broken combo system.  Adds even more balance by having the Slash Gauge system.  To make things even more balanced there's Not only Rage Explosion but also Concentration One.  Concentration One although has some of the most insane requirements allows you to slow down time for combos and finish with a deadly slash.  The perfect comeback mechanic.  From what I've seen in videos the most used characters are the females, Enja, and Ukyo.  Generally cause they can fake out an opponent and apparently cause a lot of damage.  I think there's more potential in other characters but what do I know I don't do tournaments and this game pretty much has only seen Japanese Small Time Tournaments.

I use the ladies man. Yep the Pimp Yoshitora.  I only call him that cause of his win pose not to mention his weapons are all named after flowers.  I honestly like him due to the way he works.  Shame I couldn't make my ending with Fatal Flash.  I honestly could've played as the boss character Yumeji but then I would get complaints that I'm using a boss character that's apparently "banned".  IMO the run would've been too way too fast.  Game Time would be like less than 5 minutes.  Which is in real time about 13 minutes or less.  My main problem is playing this on the Xbox.  The controller is rather sensitive making execution error very easy.    So I constantly kept hitting Rage Explosion on accident when inputting certain moves.  Honestly towards the end I said screw trying to beat it in style.  I already have on older random videos.

Samurai Showdown 6

What ends up as probably the last Samurai Showdown people play (cause everyone apparently hates the 3D Samurai showdown games I personally never played em).  Also ends up maybe the most balanced of all 6 games.  The game carries a choice of the older fighting systems with it.  Its own system is more of a just defense system in a way.  By performing a special guard you'll build a bit of meter that when your life bar reaches a certain point you can use a different super (generally there fatality move from the old games just turned into a super).  ALL THE CHARACTERS from all the games (Except the 3D ones) are in this game.  Even that judge Kuroko who's generally a mix of other characters from games like KoF, Art of Fighting, Last Blade, etc.  You even get the animal characters to play as.  Probably one of SNK's crowning achievements for the Samurai Showdown series IMO. Pretty much any OP characters from the past characters got proper nerfs so nothing truly broken but SNK boss syndrome.  You think the boss characters are gonna be too OP well they have been properly nerfed to be playable as well.

I used Shikururu-Mahama up till I made it to the final boss.  I almost beat the final boss using that character but not being able to block hurt me a lot.  Considering it was pretty much predict when the opponent is open to attack not to mention animals can't block.  So I switched to Rimururu I kind of use her off and on in all games.  Female ninja easy to use IMO.  Beat the game faster than Expected.


Why did you edit these videos when you yourself said that you don't edit videos?
The video itself as a whole for most of them were well over an hour.  A lot of it was me losing to one character constantly for one reason or another.  I rather not watch that and I doubt anyone else would either.  So a ton of editing was required not to make myself look good but to make the video feasible to watch. Not to mention file size issues.  Its not an RPG so I definitely couldn't just say "here's 3 hours of content, now watch."

Why are you jumping all the time?
In terms of combos its far easier for me to start with a jumping attack. Especially in the sense that linking 2 Strong attacks together makes for great damage.

Why are you spamming Strong Slash so much?
In hopes I land a counter hit. I'll inflict a lot of damage generally over half health depending on the character.  While it may be unsafe the A.I. will at times make the mistake and fall for it.  Generally the only thing that beats it and is safe is a Medium.  There's also the fact that the A.I. is rather smart and will predict attacks regardless of what I use.

Why did you bother playing this series its one of the worst in SNK's Arsenal?
I don't think its the worst.  Honestly I think SNK is far better at making fighters than most if not all fighting game companies. SNK honestly has something that other companies tend to lack and that's actual difficulty. I don't mean what's called "SNK boss syndrome". I mean the fact that normal characters are actually pretty good opponents to fight against in the A.I.  Watching the A.I. actually know how to block and counter properly compared to fighters of today is a nice thing to see.  I also like the series as its not about learning combos its about working to gain openings so you can strike.  I more or less dislike today's games as its generally all about flashy combos and not properly learning to block and counter.

If you already knew which characters are best how come you don't use them instead?
For many reasons.  A lot of the best characters I am no good at using or just do no good at arcade mode.  There are some that just make things too quick and no fun honestly. Also since I find no one plays this game the game anymore its a rather moot point to even try to play this seriously anymore.

Why did you play the Xbox version of the SSV when its on PS2's Anthology?
Cause I'm used to that version of the game instead the arcade version.  The only problem I have with the game as I mentioned before. Is that I make many button execution errors.  This is cause the Xbox controller is very sensitive. My Right Trigger is set to Strong Slash yet the slightest touch when i'm inputing certain moves makes things rough and causes an accidental rage explosion.

I'm much better than you at these games.
I don't really care.  My time has generally passed on fighters and I'm not looking to be the best at anything.  Considering there's no online of this game no point in even getting mad over it.

You lost so many times to XXXX character how come you didn't rage quit?
Well then you wouldn't have any videos would you?  Well you would but none from me.  And its just SNK boss syndrome nothing more.  They're all subject to A.I. faults.

Would you get Samurai Showdown 7 if they were ever going to make one?

Maybe....I'd have to really think about it.  My interest in fighters has dwindled to a minimum these days.