Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summary of the Fighters Uploaded#1

Tekken 5

Before the over-hyped Tekken 6.  We got this and PSP versions.  I can't say there is much of a difference between 5 and 6.  Combat system is still the same. Law is still OP.  King still has multiple command throws. Jinpachi the boss of the game proved to be a bigger threat than that Failure of a boss Azazel.  When you're going backwards start to notice....command inputs have changed. And one thing that did bother me. Was side stepping.  Usually I just double tap Up or Down to do so. But there are times when it won't come out and I'll end up crouching instead.  Character custimization was rather dismal compared to 6 as well but it was way easier to acquire the gold needed to buy these items. Tekken 5 also came with the ability to play Tekken 1, 2, 3, and some arcade rail shooter.  Honestly I like this Tekken overall.  Even the stages and music was far better IMO.  This is where I actually wanted to try Feng Wei.  He seemed like an awesome and wild character.  Asuka IMO is no Jun Kazama.  I run Baek. I've been using him since 2.  I just live his simplistic high low mix-ups.

Tekken Tag Tournament

Going back to another time period. Tag Team Games were becoming rather common.  With Marvel Vs Capcom, Street Fighter's Dramatic Mode, KoF', etc.  Only difference for this Tag game.  When 1 person falls the round is over.  So you had to switch members to protect yourself from dying.  If you actually mastered the Tag system, you could pull off some extreme combos.  The endings left something to be desired (although Unknown's Ending was kinda hot).  Devil/Angel got one last change...the ability to reverse the direction of there eye lasers.  Even better if you did it on a Jack character.  Jack will counter attack by flailing wildly.  Very Probably the best thing for its time was co-op.  Namco really took the co-op system rather well.  I use True Ogre and Michelle I forgot how to use Michelle and generally my strategy for True Ogre is to create a situation to where I burn you.  LOL.

Soul Calibur III

It was an age where all characters could be used.  A tale of souls not affected by nerfs and swords with abilities that didn't make much sense.  Yep all the characters were generally good. Lizardman changed...He won't be changing for the better till the 4th game. This was the first game that included the character creation ability.  Although the problem there was a lot of weapons lacked moves heavily....The story mode was somewhat complicated if you wanted the true ending well the true super boss you had to follow a specific path and not lose.  Game was capable of a lot creative stuff in terms of fighting combos with the addition of the walls.  However a dark age was coming...a dark age when characters would get heavily nerfed.  While Abyss was a boss character.  Night Terror puts all other bosses to shame.  With his insane range and ability to 100% combo you in one go.  This run I use Sophita.  I miss using her.

Battle Arena Toshinden II

A huge step up from the first game.  This was around the time 3D fighters were just making ground.  At the time you generally had Tekken, Bushido Blade, Virtua Fighter, and that's about it.  The game system rather reminds me of Samurai Showdown.  An overdrive guage that built based on attacking but filled even faster when taking damage.  Add to it desperation attacks that take off almost all your life.  Very enjoyable game but in some cases easily broken.  Aside from the boss characters and the 2 secret characters.  Some of the characters simply had some seriously spammable broken moves that couldn't really be stopped.  The combo system reminds me a lot of KoF in which there's a certain button combination for every character for a combo. Executing a combo was very hard thing to do indeed. Even more so the command input for a lot of moves was complicated especially for a 3D fighter.  Very fun game to play however.  And the dodge roll command was a nice touch to show this game was 3D.  I play Kayin I honestly think the best character is Ellis....Sho being the most broken but he's secret character only.

Gundam Battle Assault 2

Bandai actually did pretty well with this game. Minus the Voice Acting.  Including gundams from most watched series up G Gundam.  The main problem with this game was how great long range and super armor MS units were in this game.  If you thought that nothing could be MvC3's Morrigan Soul Fist method. Well think again.  Wing Zero and HeavyArms Custom alone can destroy that with pure ease.  Units that can fight close range do however excel at it the same for Mid-Range and Zoning MS units.  The combo system was very different however. Even though you can OTG the moment the unit hit the ground or overheated.  The the damage scaling was cut to a serious minimum.  While you can continue the combo there isn't likely a chance that you will get 2 overheats in 1 combo without wasting all 3 supers. Add to the game a flight mode which is pretty much temporary super armor it not very viable.  Unless you were avoiding a certain attack that you couldn't super jump or evade there's no use for this mode. The game's Unblockable attacks were basically beam swords.  Mistakenly a lot of ppl will think that Gundam Deathscythe or Epyon is great because of this.   Probably the main thing that makes this game broken is the ammo usage.  Some units don't even need the ammo cause they have other special moves that shoot projectiles.  So you could just kick back and spam that all day.

My favorite units Gundam Physalis, Hygogg, Devil Gundam(Dark Gundam), and Sazabi.  Yeah pretty much most of the bad guys.  However IMO the best units would have to be Devil Gundam, HeavyArms Custom, Wing Zero, V(Nu) Gundam, and Quin Mantra.  Simply cause they have options you thought you wouldn't see in a fighter unless it was Marvel 2.  There's such things as invincible command dashes, Block projectiles, Super armor, heavy damage combos without the need of a super. Lots of things in this game.  I love Physalis great mid-range and great damage potential.  Yes the Gundam that shot a nuke is that awesome.

Virtua-On MARZ

Some probably wouldn't consider this a fighter.  I however do and I enjoy the Virtua-On series the most.  Even though the game itself has fallen out of existence and is only now played by very few Japanese players...maybe?   MARZ compared to OT (Oratorio Tangram)  is a step down in terms of fighting.  To make things easier for those that can't possibly own the twin sticks. There's an automatic control scheme where the game will decide on the situation to use what attack depending on button presses. This is due to well....There's way too many buttons...Left and Right Turbo, LEft and right weapons, jump, crouch, block, etc.  For a lot of players that's beyond complicated.  My main problem with this game.  Pretty much all the VRs (Virtuaoids), have either been nerfed or just simply no longer exist unlike OT. That is except for Temjim. There's like 15 different Temjim versions in the game.  And almost every other VR in the game falls short compared to the others.  I used Temjim a8 which is the White Knight version.  I forgot the controls of this game really I forgot how I deal with all the VRs.

Digimon Rumble Arena 2

Ugh....Take what good you had with the first Digimon Rumble Arena.  And practically ruin it all.  If you played the first game. You'll undoubtedly notice a difference in gameplay. While you can do 4 players.  The game itself took on Super Smash Bros. elements.  Pretty much have a health bar and you can die from random crap such as falling out of the stage, getting crushed, bombs.  The requirements to digivolve while still the same take a bit longer to pull off. Very much needed as there are quite a few broken Digimon in the game.  Garrurumon especially.  To be honest I can only tolerate 2 or 3 stages.  The rest are honestly unplayable to make matters worse the A.I. knows the gimmicks way better.  Honestly I would say good luck  beating the mega level digimon on Medium or Hard Difficulty without too many problems.  I only still own this game cause there's that random off shoot time me and my little sis might play this.  But honestly I rather go back to the first game.  I used Veemon this run.  Gabumon requires too much work and the last stage would cause issues.

Note: I don't think Smash Bros is a bad game. I just think that copying its elements and executing it wrong is a really bad idea.  Bandai usually does this often especially with the Digimon Series games.

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution

I love Virtua Fighter. I started back in VF2 discovered VF4. Unforntunately I couldn't buy the original VF4. I love the system itself as its always improving.  Being able to break almost any throw, evasion tactics, quick ukemi's, etc.  Even the Tutorial mode itself along with the instruction manual is very thourough about every aspect of the game.  Two thing I do miss between VF4 and Evolution was the first being its tutorial mode explaining a general breakdown of all the characters and even mentioning how hard it was gonna be to master that character.  The 2nd being the game itself rated you based on your combat.  Not just telling your rank but also telling you what areas you do great in and where you need to work on.  Evolution tutorial is very extensive and even lets you practice how to execute these moves.  While I would play VF5 or VF5:FS I just don't want to. This game takes massive amounts of time to get good at.  Time I don't think I have.

Neo-Geo Battle Colosseum

To be honest when I think of KoF. I think this is far stricter in terms of combos.  While this game does provide dash canceling for extended combos.  I feel its very hard to pull any off without error.  But like most other popular games. This also borrows the tag system.  You can also pull a team attack but it does very little damage.  If you want big damage you must team up 2 certain characters together such as Kyo and Iori, Haohmaru and Genjuro, etc.  The game tells you who can do what team attack.  However like all SNK games, you gotta have that godly boss character at the end so you can waste quarters and rage.  The character selection is pretty vast generally all the favorites from your SNK games are here.  I used Iori and Genjuro in this run. Compared to my previous runs....I did rather horribly.  I just wanted this done.  I only have 1 guy I know that would still play this and I don't intend to buy this for the 360 just to play this.

Guilty Gear XX AC+

Almost everyone knows what Guilty Gear is.  So I shouldn't really have to explain it.  What was introduced to this game was a new type of guard (Slash Back) that works sorta like a parry.  Using a bit of meter (about 1/16 of it) If you timed it right you'll have the frame advantage allowing you to counter and gain some meter back.  This works far better than a Dead Angle as you don't require so much better use. However you had to master it to be good at it. Force Break is also new to AC as its pretty much an EX move in a sense (Putting it mildly).  I ran through this as Testament I still don't know that loop everyone else is capable of oh well.  I'm not that good and honestly at this point I probably won't play this game or its future patch coming to 360 or PS3.  I just don't feel like dealing with online players.

Why did you remove Guilty Gear Isuka from the list?
To be honest its way too hard for me to get used to again.  Not just the command to turn around but the combos in general. Going from the knowledge of AC and AC+ back to pretty much Reload or GGX2 is defintely not easy.  Add to it it that the characters on the game are not that good. IMO its pretty much Sol, Ky, Ino, Millia.  Its way too chaotic of a game to try and get anything you want on there to come out.

You should get Virtua Fighter 5 FS.
I would but that would require a ton of time to get back into.  Not to mention to get good at.  Its not one of those play for 5 minutes and suddenly you know all you need to know.  This is a game that takes pure dedication.  While I like I feel I won't be able to get back into without months of effort poured into it.  Time I don't really have.  

Would you consider Digimon/Tales/Gundam/etc Characters in a Smash Bros. Game since Namco-Bandai is going to be part of the development of the next Smash Bros game?  
Long story short. No. I think they should stay in there own games.  For many reasons.  

You know Baek sucks right?
I think that's just an opinion.  
Are all the AI opponents in Gundam stupid?
No they just have problems dealing with Keep-Away tactics.  There's also certain MS units that can easily rip you apart.  But honestly they all have issues dealing with Keep-Away and zoning tactics.