Friday, July 6, 2012

Another Card Game Anime But It Actually Looks Interesting

Video is of Episode 22.

Cardfight Vanguard.  I only watched this episode but apparently it was enough to catch my interest.  This is probably gonna take the path of every other Card Game Anime and have some really evil guy try to destroy the world with the power of Card Games.  But So Far its rather interesting.  I'm gonna take some free time later and watch all the episodes uploaded so far. Besides I'm tired of Yugioh since it pretty much became 1-2 turn wins or 1 REALLY REALLY REALLY LONG TURN!!!!

I checked the site and the artwork for the cards is rather unique.  If I wasn't old I'd probably invest in this card game.  Maybe there will be a Console title for this game in the future.  Just hope it doesn't go the path of failed/Short-Lived Card Games (Cough cough, Duel Masters, cough, Chaotic).  

There Youtube Channel:

Official Site: