Monday, July 16, 2012

Bakugan: Defenders of the Core (What happens when Anime screws the rules)

Well considering the 1st game I originally had some high hopes for this.  But I did get dissapointed in a few things.

  • No Leonidas (he was the Bakugan from the first last game)
  • Authentic VA from the ENG anime is gone.
  • Screw the rules of the actual game.
  • Still no Online Play
Considering the Anime itself eventually screwed the rules it was a given that the game itself would have a different playstyle.  This well got turned into a Dynasty Warriors style Hack n' Slash. It was pretty well executed but with flaws.  

The game while being a hack n' slash is totally centered around missions. Which is generally defeat the enemy, destroy all the generators (Vexos Crystals), and Protect Your Landmark (your base).  Very Easy.  The main problem I had with this.  Was the A.I.  There would be times where the A.I. is 100% stupid but at the same time they would get really smart and beat the crap outta you.  I actually had a few moments where the A.I. would just play keep away and destroy your base all while annoying you that you can't catch them.  How good they were at Keep-Away. Remember Marvel vs Capcom 2 Storm strategy of keep away? Yeah that.  While I like to see that in the AI its generally a crap shoot.  Cause I would retry the same battle with the same settings and they would just act pretty much derp.  The other part of gameplay that was rather unneeded was walking around town. Which is really move from point A to Point B without getting caught by the guards which there sight range is noted.  You thought MGS guards were dumb look at these guys. The storyline is rather passable.  There are certain events that happen in the game that are related to the story but you're not getting much out of it.  

I did enjoy playing as the bakugan even if there aren't many characters in the game.  I generally enjoyed using  Wilda, Midnight Percival, and Cross Drago. I hated using Elfin a lot.  The ending itself well the final battle. Cheesy as usual.  Take a Super Sonic Moment then add some Voltron/Power Rangers/whatever.  The games general replay value centers around playing story mode again but with the Vexos bakugan if you choose to and unlocking Maxus Helios. The multiplayer options are rather limited.  Honestly you'll finish this game in about 1 sitting depending on how you go about the game.  All achievements might take a bit more effort.  If this game had online play it would probably be worth a lot more but I wouldn't pay more than 15 bucks for this game. (I paid about 10 off of amazon). 

You can check my playthrough of the story mode for this game on my YT channel.  I'm working on uploading the last of this game and moving on to something else.