Monday, July 30, 2012

Early August Update

I probably won't be around much for August for many reasons.  Right now I'm still rather feeling down for myself.  I have days where I can deal with it but then there's days where I pretty much breakdown. Like the day I'm typing this out for example. I've deleted/removed a lot of friends of my buddy list/etc. for many reasons (some that don't really make sense to others).    Don't think many people if anyone cares about that though.

I looked at Persona 4:Arena. I would get it but apparently it cost 60 bucks. Definitely out of my price range for paying for a few characters.  I don't exactly know who would get it for 360 honestly I don't see anyone on my friends list getting the game.  Yeah Blazblue started with very few characters as well but that's not why I'm not buying it. I just don't have the money.  I have a tone of stuff to get rid of and no buyers either lol.  Probably gonna throw it all away.  Anyway I won't look at this game much it does look impressive to a degree but probably not my type.

I'm looking into getting Crimson Dragon if its not Kinect only.  Also looked at Crystal Defenders which is a spin-off FFTA game. Other than that I just want to finish up any other older games I have which is still A TON.  That is if I have the will to do so.  Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is finished. Mario will be finished soon.  The Megaman X4 Zero bit I'm working on in my own time. I honestly haven't gotten anything done that I set out to do.  Might be another year before that happens......sigh...

Crimson Dragon
Don't let Crimson Dragon be Kinect Only.  That would really disappoint me.

Crystal Defenders (Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance)
Depending on how the demo handles I might buy this.

Persona 4 Arena

I'd get into this but your $60 and I don't think many people I know will buy it and constantly play it let alone me.

What I'm looking to play.  Assuming I don't get overly depressed or whatever.

 Shining Force Neo

I really wanna get back into this. I did leave it on somewhat of a cliffhanger due to other games that got over-hyped and I fell into it.  I'm somewhat of a Shining Series Fan.  Since I can't get Shining Wind gotta go for whats in the US.

 Infinite Undiscovery
Assuming the quality doesn't look like crap on my TV.  I wanna try and run this again.  Problem is like many Current Gen and Next Gen games the in-game text mostly looks like crap and unreadable unless you're playing in 720p or higher. I surely couldn't read this at all on a SD TV.   I wanna try this game again.

Shining Force EXA

Being a Shining Series Fan somewhat this is definitely coming after NEO is finished. I honestly felt like I should have played this first.  This should be fun to play though regardless of what others say.

About the UMvC3 video.  Yeah I don't know what it is. I'm fired up watching others play but when I play I can't help but get depressed whether I'm doing well or playing horribly.  Aside from thinking about all the bad the Online Community IN GENERAL is.  I just get absolutely depressed overtime.  Its not just UMvC3 but really any game.  I don't know what it is but that's how its been.