Monday, July 9, 2012

FF13-2: The Valfodr Chronicles

Pretty much all I got left to do on this game other than be a psuedo-pokemon master and continually raise monsters I like.  Unless I get some money for the last DLC (Lightning & Amodar, Nabaat, and Pupu). I'm generally done.

Honestly this was rather easy. To me Omega just seems to be getting easier and easier every FF game he goes through.

Ultros and Typhon:

Ok seriously SE why not use some FF6 (FF3 SNES) music here.  Other than that Typhon loves to randomly troll with that Sneezing of his.  Its not as bad as his old days where its an instant lose battle.  But hey at least FF characters have finnally taken these 2 out.

Mr. LVL 3 XF Nova Force Smack You Upside the Head With a Chair Vigilante Rock-Throwing Bad Boy.

The only one with a battle that was different.  I actually did enjoy this fight as there was an actual strategy needed to take him down.


In terms of frustration I have to give the title to this guy (with Valfodr lvl 45 not far behind).  While the first phase is just a pathetice little side show warm-up.  The 2nd phase is truly a troll.  His swords aren't very notable in my opinion in terms of significant damage.  Slow status wears off pretty quickly and the wound damage is usually taken care of easily.  The main issue here is that when he's staggered. Since his p.o.s. swords are broken he's start doing his other moves from FF5.  Instead of DeathClaw doing its lower you to minimal HP paralyze like in FF5. It instead (along with Eerie Soundwave) does Wound, Pain, imperil and Fog.  This is a major problem and I'll explain why in a second.  While that doesn't sound like a bad thing just heal it.  It actually is. Considering after every stagger when he recovers he not only regains his swords but he also regains a HUGE CHUNK of his HP that you worked so hard to knock off.

While you might go oh well that's still easy.  Not really.  In my case Gilgamesh loves to troll somehow managing to score Pain/Fog on the entire party totally stopping me in my tracks long enough that I can't cover the damage he will heal once stagger is over. Even with Stagger Maintenance II he recovers really quickly from stagger.  Add to the fact that he's rather resistant to physical/magic attacks limiting my choices on monsters.  What really pisses me off is that I actually used F-ing Cloudburst and V-Light for a fight.  You honestly have no idea how many times headdesked from making that decision. To cover the quick need for Bravery and Faith I used Behemoth's Feral Link to cover that. Cloudburst is obvious.  V.Light's purpose is for overly long drawn out Feral Link Animation + multiple Scourge.

Valfodr  UNWORTHY FOE!!!


Already Done.  I honestly hate the game's idea of switching targets mid fight when I didn't command them to.   Really pissed me off for a bit there.

LVL 15

Tried something a little different.  Used a Reaver since Spinning Slice hits multiple enemies 2-3 times.  And its built slightly better than my Narashima. Just a lack of Armor Breaker/Mind Piercer.

LVL 40

This one made me pull my hair out.  Since he's summoning a massive amount of healers.  I'm just utterly pissed off at it.  Not only do I have focus on taking out those little guys as fast as possible but I have to keep my own HP up as well and prevent them from scattering. Considering they were healing about 30k a cure spell (not an entire round each cure spell). You can imagine my rage as all the damage I racked up was pretty much gone.

LVL 70

Rather easier time.  I just stopped playing around and made sure to keep En-anything going.  Chichu's well the Ochu class ain't that great anymore.

LVL 99

Honestly WTF.  Its Barthandelus all over again only difference is this guy is cooler and will kill me without giving it a 2nd thought.  Had to play cautiously since every time I thought I was safe....Nope...Trolled with a big attack.  This is made worse on the 2nd half of his horrendous HP amount.  Then to make it worse the last  bit of HP he cuts on that pissy boss mode changing up his order of attacks and making certain ones FAR MORE DAMAGING!!!  Took me an hour....Tried abusing Ally KO: Power Surge II didn't help. Pack Mentality was a total waste of time as you see in this video the damage isn't really that vastly different. Oh well Chichu and Nanochu are gone so that makes me happy. I hate those monsters.  Get Valfodr as a monster. I honestly don't care for him in fact these DLC monsters are gonna go sit on the benches since I don't really favor using them.

V. Lightning DLC Battle vs Caius

Well this can be rather fun....But its a really long battle.  Takes roughly a half hour to complete give or take.
Caius is a troll as usual in the first round steadily doing what he can to interupt you then add his blatinly obvious big attacks that must be guarded or you'll lose a ton of HP.  Once you get used to it. Its nothing too hard.

Phase 2 can be a giant troll, a dickish battle, plain hard, or a WTF battle.  Chaos Bahamut not only possesses the ability to kill you in 1 shot if not guarded.  He can pretty much interrupt everything you do and sometimes trolls his attack timing.  The rewards for 5 Staring the battle is V.Lightning herself who's broken.  Honestly when I look in hindsight of it all. I want a Caius and a Chaos Bahamut monster to use as well.  Seriously SE why not that?

Sazh DLC POKER!!!!

This is why I don't gamble.

Watch live video from Omega Community Channel on TwitchTV

Watch live video from Omega Community Channel on TwitchTV
Old Gambling Methods Creeping Up.

Well this is fun but its also boring.  30 Fortune Medals to collect.  To be honest the 2 extra minigames do not make me feel great.  Poker is nice to play but the A.I. is rather predictable.  Not to mention my old gambling habits creeped up on me while playing it (no wonder I stopped gambling in real life).  The bit with Chocolina......repressed...the ending to that DLC I did love. Seriously Sazh is generally the only one with good words of wisdom.

DLC Last Thoughts...

Its nice to have this DLC.  But looking at it from various points of view it feels like SE pretty much did this to save themselves from raging fans.  I'm honestly still left with the question of How did Hope get where is today?  Even if it is partially explained (and I honestly hate Hope) I would still like to know how he got where he is now.  The bit with Snow was rather a big...."Wut?" Lightning's part was well....ok....See what was going on during the final battle from her point of view.  Sazh's while it does explain it.  I I just paid for unfinished hidden disc content with his.  If you ask me on what DLC they should have.  Well how about fight FF1's Garland and Chaos in the arena?  RedXIII simply cause I like him.  Ultimecia.  But besides fights. How about Hope DLC?  And how about a Caius and/or Chaos Bahamut monster to use? That would've been great.

Honestly This is about it with this game. Now to hopefully catch up on other games I'm far behind on.