Sunday, July 15, 2012

Maybe the FGC Has Some Good In it After All

Well yesterday (7/14/2012) I was generally deciding to go to bed.  I caught Maximilan's tweet that he's gonna do some online SCV.  So I honestly figured....why not. I mean yeah generally last week or week before I decided to say **** the FGC, **** the Online Community I'm staying offline.  Generally cause I was sick of the lack of the respect people had when playing. Particulary towards myself.  Yes I would generally get hatemail, or some seriously rude voice messages while playing online (generally stuff you don't see).

So I decided to plug in SCV and see what's going on.  I only really played the game for roughly 10 hours so I wasn't expecting myself to be great or anything.  I honestly was expecting people to body me and then tell me to leave the room.  Well for once that didn't happen.  I was generally half right.

I first started Max I guess was spectating at the time and there was this Dampierre user that was destroying everyone in the room.  I tried to guess what he was going to do since I noticed he always went for low attacks but he saw right through me to make it worse the guy always seemed to get a stage where there was a wall don't know if that's true or not but that's what I was noticing.

Apparently Max left the room and did something completely unexpected. He literally invited me to a private room along with a few others (I noticed the private slots in his room).  That was pretty nice of him.  Needless to say my few times of playing I got totally bodied I don't think I won a single round.  I came close a few times but instantly got downloaded.  Needless to say Max knew his Siegfried like every other Siegfried player I knew in the past games played.  Not abusing his range but making good use of his various stances (funny how someone told me that Siegfried changed completely but from what I've seen he hasn't changed one bit.).  Honestly my first time fighting this guy I can say he got seriously buffed from the previous games.

If you know Max then we all already know he's not the undisputed king of this game.  He actually did have his share of losing.  Really we all lost to this one guy that pretty much knew something with every character.  I generally hate fighting someone like that but at least this guy didn't take it easy on us.  At least I didn't catch that he was taking it easy on us.

Needless to say I lost every match but I did generally have fun with it.  No one was talking trash about me at least if they were I had mic's turned off.  I did record the matches but I will not be uploading them.  Mainly for one I know how people on Youtube are.  Another reason is I want watch the matches myself and figure out a few things.  Yeah I know Max may or may not upload this himself but I rather have my own footage to analyze.

After that session ended I thanked Max for the matches and went to think about how much I have to learn for this game.  If it was Soul Calibur 4 or anything before that I could stand a much better chance against everyone. But this game changed everything I knew about Soul Calibur before.  While one guy said its all about reads. I have to disagree.  I think this game is more about combos instead of just landing a few hits.  All the characters I examined pretty much had a really long combo that in previous games was not very useful to winning a match.  Pretty annoying to say the least as I enjoyed proper guarding and impacts.  While its still there just not as useful.

Well after I thought about it a lot. I figured maybe the Online community and FGC may have some good in it after all.  No doubt I won't have time to get truly awesome at a game like I used to but maybe there are players out there who still have some moral values. I want to say thanks to those I played with that session.  I'm still iffy about playing online but maybe I can find players that are far better in conduct.

Note: I got the hang of his Seigfried but I don't see how to avoid getting launched. I would try to hit him but I already noticed that changing to that stance, he has Guard Impact properties at that moment so I don't want to attack. Then I tried blocking I don't know how I should block it.  Hard to tell how to block it properly.  There's also the deal with those darn spin moves correcting his positioning.  Fact is my characters are generally slower and have to work twice (or 3 times) as hard to get him down.  I'll figure out how to stop this but it's gonna take awhile. I still don't have all the characters either.