Monday, July 16, 2012

Sonic 1 (GBA) Or Sonic Genesis Whatever You Wanna Call It

To start off NO I'm not playing this out of spite. I'm not playing this to prove a point.  I'm playing this cause I forgot I owned this game and I never opened it until today.  I'm always open to give a game a proper chance either with demos or buying the game itself. While I know BrainsScratchComms ( is doing a playthrough of this and I did comment saying I wanted to play this game. Lets just clarify a few things first.

  •             I had this game unopened since late 2007. The reason being was cause at that same time I owned a ton of other games I was completely excited for.  (Pokemon Pearl, Megaman Starforce, Persona 3, etc.)  So no doubt I was going to forget I had this game. It wasn't until BrainScratchComms did there own playthrough of the game that I remember I bought this game and never opened it.
  •             Yes I do hate Sonic Colors. I borrowed it for a few days. I beat it in 1 day. The 2nd day I found out how completely useless Super Sonic was.  Honestly I saw no real replay value.  The game was roughly 6 hours and I didn't exactly feel like playing through it again.  The only thing that I enjoyed in the game was the final boss which was a joke.  
  •             As for Sonic Generations I don't really want it.  The demo killed my hype and the many many many playthroughs I saw of the game itself only made me realize I would only enjoy 3 stages (2 of them being boss fights).  Chemical Plant Modern, Shadow, and Perfect Chaos.  The rest of the game I would get pretty much bored and only run through it once.  Even the DLC is rather boring many people have it and it really looks like a waste of time.  I was excited for the game day 1 like everyone else. But after awhile I generally came to my senses and decided not to invest money into that game.
  •           I don't mind Sonic 06 while its not at the top of my list.  Its still better than some other Sonic games I've played.  To be honest back when I got it in 2007 I was utterly laughed at for dying to Silver and Iblis Phase 2. And even more so I was told that I suck for taking way too long on Solaris.  Which in today's standards my playing now is excused as, "Oh don't worry the game is filled with glitches that make the game unplayable so its not your fault." Honestly if Glitches make or frame rate make a game horrible then that means a lot of games themselves are horrible. Sonic Adventure 2 has at least 100 glitches in the game itself (Gamefaqs has a FAQ on how to trigger at least 100 glitches). 
  •            I enjoyed Sonic Unleashed I honestly don't see what the problem is.  I like the werehog bits and I enjoy the games actual difficulty.  Do not assume that I instantly mean certain Sonic Games are utter crap.  I enjoyed Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure as well.  I hate Colors. I don't think I'll enjoy Generations.  
  •             If liking what I like and hating what I hate results in me being "A Classic/Adventure Fanfag" I'll take it as a compliment as opposed to being one that likes to jump on a bandwagon.
  •            You are entitled to your own opinion don't let me or anyone else influence your opinion.  I'm a try before I judge person.  

With that out the way.  Lets start with my actual thoughts of the game.  Is the game as bad as everyone says it is? No.  Are there issues in the game that make it unplayable? No. Are there issues in the game? Yes.

-While I asked around about this game and read certain reviews a main thing that caught my eye was this "Screen Crunch" Issue.  I honestly didn't find that a huge problem heck I hardly even noticed it.  Maybe it was my memory of the game since the old days when I was 3 or 4 years old playing this on my Genesis.  To be honest I found looking at my screen a lot better than I did during my Genesis days.  This is most likely due to better quality televisions and what not.  But even playing this on my DS and GBA SP I had no real trouble dealing with a "Screen Crunch" issue.

-The game does have a ton of speed up/slow down.  I mainly found this an issue at Labyrinth Zone.  Well actually it was somewhat of a blessing in disguise.  It helped me make certain areas that always give me trouble a ton easier to deal with.

-This whole Momentum issue thing. I barely noticed. I generally noticed it at Labyrinth Zone which honestly it was a Blessing.  Made things a lot easier to deal with. I think the main problem came around Scrap Brain Zone but I always had problems in that stage and died in the same spots I die when playing the Genesis version.

-Hit Detection I only had issues around Starlight Zone. Its passable though once I got past the see-saw bit I was straight.

-Music kinda meh. But it wasn't completely horrible.  I actually enjoyed Starlight Zone sounding like an actual piano.  Green Hill Zone roughly sounded like Green Hill Zone despite how much I hate that song.

-A minor bit was I came across was the missing of certain event triggers.  There was a few that just didn't trigger or there were a few that waited on me to start it off (like hitting Dr.Robotnik.)

Did the game take me forever due to these apparent glitches, bad programming, etc.? No not really.  Took me generally 2 hours 15 minutes.  I got a game over 3 times during the game.  2 coming from Labyrinth Zone Dr. Robotnik and the 3rd on Scrap Brain all 3 due to my incompetence. And honestly I get those same deaths playing Genesis or PS2 Mega Collection.

Its not horrible as people say it is although they are entitled to there own opinion.  I'm glad I opened this game and finally got to play it.  I'm glad I remembered I had this game.  I'm not dissapointed in this game.  Yes the Original and PS2 port of this game are superior to this game but its not horrible and its not unplayable in my opinion.

Funny Moments (Most not Shown in Video as This Was After The Recording)
  • Although I was unable to trigger my usual glitches in Green Hill Zone.  I somehow managed to trigger clipping through solid objects like most TAS players do.  Generally thanks to the spin dash itself being in Anniversary Mode.
  • The Drowning Music ended before my count got down to 2.  Even more so It played over the game over theme during my time in Labyrinth Zone.
  • In Starlight Zone Dr. Robotnik literally waited for me to hit him before the boss fight started.
  • Spindash didn't kill a bat enemy during the charge up animation.