Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summary of Fighters Uploaded #3

Dead or Alive 3

Probably one the main fighters that sticks to what its good at without making drastic changes.  If you want the semi-realism Virtua-Fighter gives but with some added fun then the DoA series is what you want. However sad to say this game has generally fallen to pretty much being called an eye candy game instead of just a fighting game.  DoA series gets away with what's called "Getting crap past the radar".  With the bouncy boob physics, skin tight clothing, and very short skirts. Its easy to see why later on in the years this game gets an automatic M rating.  To be honest I think the ESRB should probably rate the DoA series again as its very questionable for the stuff viewed by its audience.

Anyway. This game takes advantage of pressure button inputs which at its time was starting to become a trend for games. Pressure Inputs basically read your inputs based on how hard you hit a button (You see a bit of this in games like CvS2, Star Ocean 3, and various racing games).  What makes this game very unique is its counter system.  While we all know its impossible to constantly block every attack a person throws at us without some common sense to either evade or counter. This game allows that. With correct timing you can create some devastating counter attacks that practically make you feel like your leg was just broken.  The fighting styles the characters use are pretty real as well (minus some moves). The main thing I dislike about this game in particular is its end boss. While at an awkward camera angle. This boss just spams attacks one after another that are very hard to block or evade.  But if you exclude the end boss. The difficulty of this game is rather unforgiving. Even if you were to set this game to its easiest setting, you'll see no real difference in the game's A.I.  A very commendable thing for TECMO to do as its rare to see actual good A.I.

Blazblue Calamity Trigger

To be honest this is probably what started me on the path of giving up fighting games as a whole.  What most know it as Guilty Gear's baby/successor/copycat.  Its made by the same company so expect a ton of similarities.  However this game is far from being called Guilty Gear anything.  Its system is very simaler to that of Guilty Gear just a few minor changes.  The damage scaling differs here.  One way is that if a combo able to be recovered out of but continues anyway, the damage inflicted takes a nosedive unless a throw is used.  You are also able to recover when you hit the ground instead of the game automatically doing it for you.  Guard damage in a lot of cases is pratically nonexistent. While its still there you'll hardly notice the lifebar move at all.  Pretty much this game is saying land actual hits "we don't like guard damage." The only time you'll inflict massive damage is if your opponent does a Barrier Burst or they're hit with a Negative Warning (You are punished for playing keep away for too long.) which there defenses drop like a rock.  The main feature I like about this game (which they should have kept IMO) is the guard libra system.  Basically your guard breaks depending on the scales. If you're guarding too much it shifts in the opponents favor and vice versa.  This game was however (actually still is) known for making people angry for the stupidest of reasons.  This honestly was Smash Bros. Melee all over again.  You had to play as a certain character and you could only play this method. If you did something outside of those set guidelines you were hated and treated as scum. 

Yeah I play I as Jin. Jin was notorious for his freeze in this game. If you were frozen you had to shake free from it by moving around (Not mashing buttons).  He was also hated for his simple strategy of spamming what's called his Ice Car, mashing his D attack, random throws, and random DPs.  I honestly don't care anymore.  Really if you knew how to properly block which apparently the technique of blocking was lost in 2007-2008, you could defeat that strategy.  I honestly forgot how to play this game and I just rolled with it I wanted it out of my life.  Too many bad memories with this game.  

Blazblue: Continuum Shift

The Continuation of a game that probably should have ended with the first one.  But generally by listening to the fans of this series. Characters were nerfed/buffed the way they wanted them.  So really a complete change to all the cast members (except Tager) playstyle forcing you to play virtually one way.  The guard Libra system was changed to the Guard primer system.  Everyone has a set level of guard. If they are hit by certain attacks that characters loses one level of guard temporarily. If your Guard Primer Level is reduced to 0 your guard is broken. This would be fair but each character's guard primer level as well as attacks that could reduce this level varied greatly. What was also changed was the Barrier Burst system.  Instead of having your health be in danger you are limited to 1 Barrier burst per round (you have to lose a round to get access to your other barrier burst and you are limited to 2 per match).  This game also part of the trend for fighters now in terms of downloading everything.  The first being patches.  There was one for a bug fix and to make a DLC character playable.  The 2nd being a balance patch and a 3rd one being a HUGE balance patch as well as make DLC characters playable.  This wouldn't be a major issue but the time frame between these patches were very short.  Less than 6 months at the least.  So getting used to characters was pratically useless as they were most likely changed when the patch was released. (Note: CS Extend apparently has the last the patch they'll do for the game. I don't own it so I'm not truly concerned about the game). 

I used Lamda in my run of this game.  She's pretty much the only character I find I can use and be rather versatile in playstyle.  Unlike the other characters where it seems like there's only 1 way to play as that character.  In all honestly I've pretty much given up hope for the Blazblue Series.  I just generally buy it for the story now.  My experience online with this game was rather horrible as from what I've experienced everyone expects you to play as good as the pros and perform certain actions or else you're just a garbage player.  I find this game tends to make people angry over the smallest of discussions and is no longer worth my time online or offline multiplayer.  

SvC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom

I honestly don't understand why this game gets all the hate it does.  To be honest I find this game enjoyable.  Although it did release at a bad time.  Graphics were basically becoming the only thing ppl loved about video games while gameplay was an absolute minimum.  I appreciate the cast of characters available in the game.  A lot of ppl tend to find the problem that there favorite SF characters are apparently unplayable. That's because they don't understand the fighting system.  The game sported a Dash Cancel system similar to that of Guilty Gear and Blazblue's Roman Cancel/Rapid Cancel.  By simply dashing at the right point you could extend your combo to do some serious damage.  The Exceed system was the game's comeback mechanic and very well executed. Its basically a desperation move. The main problem of this game which is the problem everyone has is its SNK boss syndrome.  Honestly this could be easily bypassed if you know the A.I.'s faults.  If you were willing to explore this game you can find that all the characters have great potential and honestly SNK did pretty good with this game.  Just a bad time to release it.  

Against better judgement of other players.  I use Genjuro.  Apparently I should be using Akuma or some other character. I honestly don't care.  Too bad I didn't get the extra boss.  I would've used Zero but he requires a lot of work to be good.  So I go with a simpler character.

Soul Calibur IV

Pretty much the end of myself liking Soul Calibur series.  Namco made some big changes.  The first being armor break. Obviously when your armor is broken you take more damage in that area.  The Soul Crush system was probably the most useless. If you manage to break your opponent's guard and meet certain other requirements you can finish your opponent with a special move and end the fight right there.  Probably the most disliked addition was the 3 Star Wars Characters.  I personally don't find much wrong with them. But like all guest characters they are not that good IMO.  They are however very flashy.  This also started a trend that various characters were disliked cause apparently they were cheap. The good thing is that this game had everything I needed to enjoy a soul calibur game.  Online was a different story.  Thanks to the character creation freedom.  The majority of players I encountered had virtually naked characters and basically did moves while shouting sexual innuendos. Instead of actually playing the game. This was especially discouraging when you get the game late and all the good players are high ranked.

I used Kilik mainly cause I miss using him.  He's actually won me some tournaments back in my day.  But this was the last time I would probably see him in his glory.  I don't think he's cheap heck honestly his range has been shortened drastically. Honestly I find this game and its future game seems to be heavily reliant on combos instead of landing hits.  Combos are nice but they aren't everything.

Soul Calibur V

Namco managed to take everything I liked about Soul Calibur and either remove it or change it.  Moving Guard Impact to now have it use meter.  Just Guard is FAR FROM THE SAME THING.  Even adding meter to do EX moves and Supers.  Pretty much every character in the game was changed to be "Balanced".  I honestly don't remember Nightmare every being that fast or Seigfried. Makes no sense really that characters with heavy weapons are that fast.  Anyway in terms of 1 player options this game heavily lacks.  Character creation seems to be lacking as well.  It looks as if you want anything you have to buy DLC packs.  Kinda sad honestly.  If they would make a game with all the styles ever used in Soul Calibur (even the minor styles and its side games) series I would definitely be on board for that.

Used Lizardman for this run.  God they made him horrendously slow. There's hardly a character on this game I like anymore.  I honestly think that even Soul Calibur is shutting me out on terms of fighters I like.  They really seem to have complicated the game's move list on a lot of characters while making the more popular ones easier to use.  I probably won't be playing this much. If at all.  I haven't went online with this and I don't think I will.