Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summary of Fighters Uploaded #4

Main problem N64 is rather wonky.  It resets on me in the middle of a game sometimes...Don't know why it didn't happen on Bomberman or some of my other games.  Guess I should be thankful.  Well I did record Killer Instinct though.

Killer Instinct (SNES)

If you don't know Killer Instinct I suspect you weren't born in the early 90s. I think most people already know what this game is about as there's at least 2 overused internet memes from this game.  A game way ahead of its time both in arcade and on Console.  Rare went out of its way to make great games aside from Donkey Kong Country. To describe it take Mortal Kombat and make it a crazy combo game where half the time you didn't know what you were doing you're just pressing buttons.  To be honest if you didn't have the move list you were screwed.  You could tell where you were on the map in how good you were most of the time by the character you choose.  Pretty much EVERY beginner picked Cinder since all you had to do was mash Forward, Forward, + Punch all day and you could win.  Then it was up to you on where you went afterwards. The combo system itself was very different Depending on what move you started with determined what could combo into it and usually it felt automatic after that first successful hit.  The A.I. on this game can honestly be a crap shoot.  It honestly felt random on whether or not the A.I. would block your attacks or not and its very hard to react to there own attacks for a successful counter without getting Combo Breaker in your face. Even at the highest or lowest setting you will find the A.I. is rather random about what combo you are allowed to pull off successfully.  Needless to say the A.I. wasn't all too grand.   Probably what was very unique about this game was that it could be broken easily for some seriously extended combos thanks to glitches, exploits, etc. Its also one of those fighters where the glitches highly benefit the player if he/she knows how to use them right.  This game had a ton of secrets for you to figure out and back in the day since there was no internet at all. You either had to go out of your way to find a book for this game. Or get lucky and hope someone that's master this game teach you how to play.

Well I use Jago he's generally the only character I actually came to learn quickly that isn't Cinder.  While I do know something about Riptor, Glacius, and Sabrewulf. I can't exactly win with them.

Zatch Bell: Mammodo Battles (Gamecube)

Its another anime based fighter.  Like always I don't expect much from them.  This one honestly did ok.  Keeping the authentic Voice Actors and the character's personality. Character selection is somewhat lacking even if I started a new game there's very few characters.  The character balance is like generally any Anime-Based Fighter. Main Characters, Main Villians, awesome character, everyone else.  I do like the game however the show itself was actually pretty cool  Its just a shame the series was cut off in english.  The game itself pretty much has 4 types of attacks. Normal, Synched, defensive, indirect.  The Synched attacks are rather unique and very annoying to deal with (Folgore's being very annoying).  Indirect attacks vary from character to character. (OMG Zatch's is like X-factor LVL 3).  Defensive once mastered can be very dangerous to contend with (I love Tia's spells).  The characters also have finishing moves which is generally there big spell if you successfully land it its an automatic K.O.  There are ways to defend it.  Either going special defense spell or using your own big spell and end up in a mashing button war to determine who wins.

I used Tia/Megumi.  Honestly in the show I loved them for the fact that they sport defensive spells instead of offense. It honestly made think if I had a Mammodo I would want defensive spells but also a rather cool look dude (unfortunately all the cool look guys except Brago pretty much died in the series due to Main Character powers).  I don't know much about the game itself but its enough to win.  Funny that Freiza and Kari's VA are a team as well (Zofis and her partner).

Flying Dragon (N64)

I wouldn't expect many to know what this game was.  This is one of those fighters that pretty much was good in japan but in the US was easily thrown to the shadows due to all the other fighters saturating the market.  This game apparently did have a SNES predecessor with a storyline.  While I don't understand this is a fun game.  There are 2 modes to play from.  The SD mode is more of an RPG mode where you can equip your character with weapons and armor and various items.  The moves like the characters themselves are very simple to do.  This mode is very fun and can be very cheap at times.  The other mode is Real Mode which you are graded like Virtua Fighter.  While the moves itself aren't realistic like Virtua-Fighter the difficulty curve and combos are like that of Virtua-Fighter.

Unforntunately my N64 is rather wonky and I can't get a complete run of the game to go without the system having issues. So I was unable to record this. Successfully.

Killer Instinct Gold (N64)

What's also known as Killer Instinct 2.  This game made learning your character far easier.  A training mode along with its new auto-combo system.  The auto combo system allowed for far easier combos compared to that of the older game.  Only thing that I'm really sad about is the removal of a lot of characters.  No Cinder, Riptor, makes me kinda sad.

I got to play this game for about 15 minutes before my N64 decided to reset me.  I intended to use Sabrewulf for this one. Got into Arcade mode then my N64 said nope.  I guess its time to get a new one. Whenever I get the money. Funny if I play an RPG on it nothing happens and I can go for hours....sigh.


Well glad to say this project is more or less done.  I myself probably won't return to fighting games for a good amount of time at least for any multi player.  Even the ones that are said to come out like P4:Arena.  Just too many bad experiences with multi player and the Fighting Game Community in general.  Someone might say that its a stupid choice on my part blah blah blah, I won't have fun, blah blah, I'm only hurting myself, etc. But I rather avoid unnecessary conflict. Too many past experiences were bad for me to say I should keep going.  Long Story Short I'm pretty much leaving fighting games.