Wednesday, July 4, 2012

UMvC3 - Someone Making Use Of Capt. America And Looking Good

This may be irrelevant now.  I believe his name is Condor missle.  A japanese player.  While we have the rather boring Zero loops, Trenchcoat team, and now the now found out infinite combos (Probably will make this game into Marvel 2).  This play I find made some rather amazing combos with Captain America.  What used to be known that Capt. couldn't extend his combos in the corner after an OTG except with only Charging Star, and a Super.  This player comes with the ingenious thought of backdashing after ending the standard air combo then doing L Shield Slash.  So you'll gain the benefits of extending your combo after the OTG as if it was mid screen.

Although I could say this player was a little greedy with his combos. It honestly doesn't matter.  Captain America just got better to use.  (We're not focusing on how the player uses his other characters just how he uses his Captain America.  Just a random tidbit I found that I feel was rather amazing. I doubt this will change anyone's teams as it seems everyone is generally using what's regarded as top tier.  Anyway Later.