Friday, August 3, 2012

A Real Honest Update For August 2012

This isn't to say the last one wasn't an update.  But more to say that I know how the month of August will look now.


Yeah I recently fell back into a depressed state.  I can't say what exactly was the cause of it.  All I know is it just happened.  Nothing I could do about it honestly it just happened.  It wasn't low to make me consider suicide or something like that.  I have however been considering closing most if not all accounts.  Thinking about the benefits that would bring.  It has nothing to do with being depressed or how the Online Community treats me and others.  I'm not thinking about the time I put into this either. But that's how it is.  Just putting that on the table.

Online Community

At this point I pretty much hate the online community.  Its a pain in the butt to keep up with and my interest are starting to greatly vary between me and everyone else.  Whether its economic or moral issues. I actually had a discussion with a person who doesn't see why I dislike M Rated games.  I honestly don't care if you play them just don't expect me to play them.  I'm working on not watching them either.  That's how strongly I feel about them if you have a problem with it take it up with someone who will listen to that problem.  Cause its totally a "you" problem.  

Games Playing Now

Working on Videos for Shining Force NEO.  Its honestly a pain to record cutscenes as I don't know when to expect them.  Its even more annoying when I get a game over. I do know that the Shining Series games aren't that long.  Just a lot of grinding required.  But like always its gonna take me far longer to upload these than to beat the game.  I actually looked into some cheap 80 MS Points Games.  I only really found 1 I'm interested in.

Avatar Fighter Online felt very fun to pass a few minutes by.  My main problem is my Avatar itself looks basic.  This is cause all the avatar items are rather costly and seem rather waste of time.  Why not just unlock avatar items by playing the game?  Anyway I gave myself a DP and a Dive Kick.  I was laughing the whole time when I thought of how various communities highly value these moves.  Finding this game to download the Demo was a chore as I could not find it on my Xbox Live Marketplace. I actually had to track it down from itself.  Anyway this game is rather fun I'm considering using my small amount of points for it.

I still have a ton of things I want to get done just no will or discipline to do them.  Heck no motivation either. I figure a way to get it done somehow.