Monday, August 6, 2012

Another Blazblue Didn't Take THAT Long (Seriously)

Well the not surprising. not doubted, but rather expected announcement of the next Blazblue Game is here. I don't understand Japanese but apparently we finally get out of the lame city that is Kagutsuchi.  And by moving to another state we get to meet some new neighbors.  

The first being Amane Nishiki.  Apparently this feminine dude (can't tell if its a guy or girl at this point don't care) uses a scarf similar to Rose from Street Fighter Alpha. Seems the main difference is some seriously long range moves.  From the looks of the trailer we also get some cherry blossoms in our attacks with this character.  

The next guy or really Girl.  Bullet.  I get general reminders about Zenia from Arcana Heart III about her.  Looks like a bunch of pile bunker moves sorta.  Her supers look like she's beating the crap outta you for looking at her wrong.

Azrael might be the special person I'm looking for in this game.  Considering I generally only used Female characters in Blazblue itself.  It looks like his element is earth.  Kinda like I imagined my own fighting game character.  His moves I get the sense of certain Melty Blood characters with him with a mix of Slayer's (From Guilty Gear XX) dashes.  

Judging from the older cast no doubt they got 1 new move or 2.  Very hard to tell from the trailer however.
  • Ragna got another overhead. Well actually his sword actually transforms into a scythe without doing his Astral.
  • Jin himself got aerial move as well and seems they bought his Aerial Super that he only had while being an unlimted mode character as a normal super now.  Also appears as if his famous Ice Car Move acts more like Millia Rage's (Guilty Gear XX AC) hair car (at least that's what I call it).
  • Noel is finally using more of her guns. Granted a new special. Seems that's it. Her new outfit is nice sorta.
  • I didn't catch any changes in Rachel.  Not like she really needs any.
  • Taokaka didn't seem to change as well.
  • Tager got more wrestling moves. Seriously a body slam.  Ok...
  • Litchi looks like she got a ton of new specials and a new super as well.  
  • Arakune looks like he's gained more ways to curse you meaning more BEES!!!
  • Bang got a few new specials and ANOTHER NEW SUPER!  More usage of that giant nail.
  • Carl doesn't appear to have changed much.  But still retains his shenanigans. (hope I can use him this time)
  • Hakumen doesn't appear to have changed at all. Why would he need anything new. Everything he has is godlike.
  • Tsubaki appears to have gained a projectile super.  Doesn't appear that going blind has affected her.
  • Hazama apparently gained a super that involves Curb Stomping you to death. (yep he's curb stomping you.)
  • Makoto doesn't appear to have changed.  Maybe they made her somewhat decent to her apparent downfall between patches and new games.
  • Valkenhyne still looks awesome just no new changes debut this trailer.
  • Platinum apparently has more traps well random objects to throw at you.
  • Relius I doubt he's changed much if at all since he was the new guy of the last game (you know the game that was pretty much a $40+ patch).  

Still left with a few unanswered questions however.
  • What will they do for Lamda/Nu users? We know she's dead but still a unique character.  
  • What will About Mu?  
  • WHERE'S JUBEI????!!!! (kicks down Asksys Door)